Terraforming Planet Killers

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Author: Laðy Lambðaðelta
Last revision: 1 Feb at 06:57 UTC


This mod adds three new Planet-Killer Weapon options.

For empires with the Post-Apocalyptic civic, the new Biosphere Shredder weapon becomes available. This weapon utterly destroys the biosphere of the targeted planet, turning it into a Tomb World – perfect for your hardy species to colonise.

For machine empires, the new Nanitic Conversion Ray weapon becomes available. This weapon releases a cloud of nanites that converts the planet into a Machine World – utterly inhospitable for pesky organics, but ideal for your mechanical drones to exploit.

For hive minds, the new Psionic Assimilation Wave weapon becomes available. This weapon emits a concentrated psionic waveform that assimilates the planet into your gestalt consciousness as a Hive World – an environment that is actively hostile to populations other than your hive drones.

Obviously, this mod is not compatible with achievements.

PS: If you find any bugs with this mod, let me know in the comments and I’ll try and fix them.

Update (2018.12.10): Updated for v2.2.1 (Le Guin). Ecumenopolis and Hive worlds are now valid targets for the Biosphere Shredder and the Nanitic Conversion Ray. A future update will include an equivalent to the Nanitic Conversion Ray for making Hive Worlds.

Update (2019.02.01): Added the Psionic Assimilation Wave.