Playable Shroud/Playable End of the Cycle

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Author: BrutishMrFish
Last revision: 8 Feb at 18:34 UTC


2/8/19: Updated for 2.2.4. Not fully tested. Please report bugs. Will not be updated for future versions of Stellaris.

This mod makes it so you can play as the Shroud/End of the Cycle by unlocking an ascension perk. Requires Utopia DLC.

Comes with 4 ascension perks and allows the use of the Shroud flag and the "wisp" portrait. This is not a balanced mod, and due to the extra ascension perks you become more powerful than the regular Shroud.

Ascension perks:

  • End the Cycle: You lose all of your fleets, planets, and resources, but in exchange are given the same ships that would normally be given to the Shroud when the End of the Cycle begins. Your country type is changed to one that ignores borders, and destroying ships grants a small amount of unity per ship. Reducing a planet’s health to 0 shrouds the planet and grants unity. This ascension perk is required by the other 3 perks. Requires the Transcendence perk. Does not work if another empire already has this perk.
  • Wholeness: Increases unity generation by 1000%
  • Impenetrable Shroud: Increases shields by 25%
  • Soulstealer: Reducing a planet’s health to 0 creates a psionic avatar. Also gives a small chance that a destroyed ship will become a psionic avatar.

Known issues:

  • The Shroud portrait looks bad in planet view and is not very visible elsewhere. This is just how the normal portrait is. I just wanted to include it for the sake of completeness.