Mass Effect – Reapers Ship Set

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Author: Red-Eyed_Fairace
Last revision: 6 Dec at 21:16 2018 UTC



This is an Open BETA

-I am no UV mapper, Texture creator and only know a little about it. So all I did was port them.
-This is just a port (With a little edit of the meshes) of the Mass Effect Reapers model that someone linked me in a few days ago.
-Some models contains bugs, read below.
-Still on the early stage. Just let me finish my game match and I’ll continue working on this again.
-Set will work without DLC, but there will be some limitations.

Models contails some bugs, but never the less, not game breaking.


-Usually, not compatible with any mod that alters default game pdxmesh loading and/or mods that make big changes to it like NCS and such.

Bugs known:

  • Civilian Ships
  • Corvette model
  • Destroyer and Cruiser model
  • Sovereign Reaper (Battleship ingame)

Bug Details:
Civilian Ships

The models used as a civilian ship is actually a GUN. I didnt know this because I never actually played the whole Mass Effect Series, I thought it was a ship, ported it in maya, did some stuff with the material, exported and as I expoted it, I notice the trigger and I realize that it was a gun lol. I decided to leave it in game because, You’re not gonna stare at them, right? and they do look cool as a ship.

Corvette model

Contains a lot of materials (mesh/Tex) When exported, some meshes became invisible.

Corvette model noticable. Sorry for that

Destroyer and Cruiser model

Both ship uses the same model. The only difference is that the front arm of the reaper on Destroyer is facing downward while on the Cruiser, it’s facing forward and a little bit bigger.

I Have to reuse the same model with a little edit due to the lack of 3d models available


The actual model contains ALOT of nverted poly normals / faces as well as duplicated and overlapping poly’s (this happens when you just clone 1 side and mirror it, I think that was the creator did) So I have to seperate everything and manually invert those, unfortunately, some are still inverted.

Result is that some part of the Sovereign model is invisible but it’s slightly not noticable. Unless you zoomed in on the Battleship


-DO NOT use the portrait included that you’ll see on the Empire editor. It was needed and NOT CONFIGURED to just allow a new ship mod to be added ingame.
-To see the Harbinger in action, you need Apocalypse dlc. Otherwise, you wont see it ingame.
-Starbases uses Avian Model

AI Contingency as Reapers:

AI Contingency Replacer

Unbidden uses Reaper ships:

Unbidden Patch


-Synthetic Dawn (Highest Priority if you want an AI Reaper Empire)
-Apocalypse (Just for the titan)


-If you want an AI REAPER style Empire (Requires Synthetic Dawn), I highly advice you to use "Overpowered Civics" by Edcrab (Link Below). then do the following:
-Set the Empire as Machine Intelligence
-Set portrait as a droid or anything robot.
-Set Empire ship set as "Mass Effect: Reaper"
-Add the Gestalt Consciousness to it as Ethics
-Add the Determined Exterminator as 1st Civic
-Add the GODMACHINE as the 2nd Civic (From Overpowered Civics)
-Name it as Reaper
-edit other info and save
-Click Forced Spawn
-Start a game with your favorite empire
-Hope that the Reaper is not your neighbor in early games.

(Trust me, with this setup, the Reaper will always be preset with you until the end days of your game galaxy)

Model Credits:
The models are created by


So full credits shall goes to him for sharing his wonderful models.

Overpowered Civics


If you have spare coins or anything, pls feel free to donate so I could get more better equipments and/or buy better softwares like 3dmax or anything. I also do accept random steam games. Thanks in advance.
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