Dedicated Carrier

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Author: Red-Eyed_Fairace
Last revision: 10 Apr at 08:19 UTC


Adds a buildable Carrier

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-Usually, not compatible with any mod that alters default game pdxmesh loading and/or mods that make big changes to it like NCS and such. (But feel free to try the mod out with that, maybe it’s compatible after all because I never used NCS and such, so Im not sure)

I’ve always wanted a fully pledged carrier, unfortunately, only large shipmod pack got them. So here, I created my own fully pledged CV.

-Vanilla Compatible
-Somewhat Balance (I think)
-2 Types of Crew (One for Offense and One for Defense)
-Moderate Speed (Not that slow but not that fast.)
-A LOT of hangars. (Trade of is, you only got Missile slots and Point Defense for your CV safety)

Technology need:


Buildable carriers after researching tech:


Maximum number of carriers built:



You can plug this mod on your ongoing save game. Research the cruiser tech and it’ll be there.
To remove the mod from your current save game, just send the CV to the enemy fleet and let them destroy it. Wait dont build the ship and 1-5 ingame years and save and exit then unsubscribe from the mod. Your save game should still work without the mod.

Other Mod Compability:
This mod is compatible on all of my ship mods.
I never did use the NSC mod so Im not sure if this mod is compatible with it.

Model used is from the game Homeworld by Gearbox.
Ripped & converted by John2k4
So credits goes to him for extracting it on the game of Gearbox.
Thanks too to gearbox for creating such wonderful game and models.

My other ship Mod:
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If you have spare coins or anything, pls feel free to donate so I could get more better equipments and/or buy better softwares like 3dmax or anything. I also do accept random steam games. Thanks in advance.
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