Humanoid Dark – NSC2 Patch

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Authors: The Monolith, Robotic Rampage, Chirumiru ShiRoz
Last revision: 8 Oct at 05:47 2018 UTC



This is a compatability patch for the Humanoid Dark shipset remixed by # for the NSC2 Mod by #. This goes without to say that this is my first mod and I will be working on it with a few addons but the Ships do work entirely. This goes without saying you need the Following Mods:

– Humanoid Dark Redux
– NSC 2.0+

I do not plan on making a downscaled ship version.

Known Issues:
Starbase Addon sections do not take flag color (working on it requires editing some starbase files)

Required items:
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(-NSC2 Season 2 - Episode 1 - Mod Version 2.1.x-)On Steam
Humanoid Dark Ships ReduxOn Steam