German Empire Namelist NSC

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Author: TheBlack2007
Last revision: 8 Sep at 12:56 UTC


Hi Folks,

This is a Name List designed for people who want to take the Glory of the Old German Empire to the stars without having to lay out a lore story where the Germans went fully Genocidal on other people. So while the ships and planets are all Germanized, you’ll still encounter different leader Names.

v.1.0 Released File
v.1.1 Compatibility for 1.9 (also post 2.0)
v.1.2 Compatibility for 2.0
v.1.2.1 Compatibility for 2.0.X
v.1.2.2 fixed Ion-Cannon Naming, added two additional Colossus names: "Dicke Bertha" – a massive Krupp-Gun utilized during WW1 and "Furor Teutonicus" – which literally means "Teutonic Wrath"