Star Wars Species Pack -FIX-

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Author: Roberto de Cratura
Last revision: 8 Oct at 03:42 2018 UTC


Fix for Star Wars Species Pack by LastLeviathan.

Some needed fixes including allowing for traits to be chosen for the species. I don’t own Synthetic Dawn so I gave the droid species biological traits.

Fixed naming for Sith to include some first and last names (didn’t make sense to have Darth, Lord, and Apprentice as first names especially if you want to play as the old Sith Empire, before integration of humans and subjugation of other alien species in the Old Republic time. Those titles came around after, anyway.) and fixed monarch names for the species. Didn’t get around to doing it for every species but honestly if somebody wants it I wouldn’t mind fixing that kind of stuff. IF it goes without fixing, some of the species, if in a monarchy, will have unnamed leaders.

This was really made for personal use but I’m making it public just to make it easier for some if going out of the way to fix it would be too time consuming. I am not a modder and I no way intend to impose any ownership of this mod, it’s simply a courtesy fix. If anybody wants to suggest any other fixes I should make or even take this and run with it to make it even better than what I may have done, be my guest! I know that there is a full Star Wars overhaul in the works, though, so this is just for the time being.