Casus Belli – Less restrictions

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Author: sealjo
Last revision: 12 Jan at 13:21 UTC


Updated to 2.2. Haven’t done a playthrough with it yet so please post if something doesn’t work. (CB without being neighbors for instance since that code has been moved). Won’t have time to playtest before mid december.

Casus belli changes to remove some restrictions I found boring, slowing down the game or just unnecessary. Main change is that you can get CBs without neighboring and that rivalry is available regardless of power difference! More options to stop colossus. Less restrictions to pacifists and inward perfectionists and easier to start liberation wars.

Changes are meant to preserve gameplay while giving more options so if you dislike a certain change, like being able to get tribute as inward perfection, just don’t do it.

Changes –
– You can get all CB without being neighbors. Humiliation still needs rivalry and that needs neighboring.
– You can rival any neighbor. Who cares if they are super powerful or pathetic, my large/small empire can still view those odd aliens as rivals.
– Liberation wars are not restricted to liberation policy. Even if I have unrestricted warfare I might still want to liberate a species instead of conquering them.
– Liberation war surrender set to 90 from 100. Tributary has 75, making them a vassal is 100. Felt like changing leadership and policy while retaining autonomy should have less than becoming someone’s slave.
– Subjugation wars can be started regardless of power difference. Just because someone might have a larger fleet size than me doesn’t mean they shouldn’t bend knee for their smaller masters.
– Pacifist war restrictions removed. Claims cost 50% more though when conquering.
– Fanatic pacifists might need to conquer a system if that is the only way to set up chokepoints to save the civilization. Conquer is allowed now but with 100% higher claim costs.
– Unrestricted wars policy can be set by pacifists and inward perfectionists. Most limitations on CBs not changed.
– You can get CB to stop colossus if your vassal creates one. No sane master would allow their subjects their own planet killers.
– You can get CB to stop colossus even if you have one yourself. Sure, you could use your total war CB but for RP reason I like to be able to have stopping their colossus as my goal.
– Inward perfectionists can get others to pay them tax by making tributaries.
– When attacked an inward perfectionist (if war leader) can take tributary as their war goal, wait a day or two. Taken from "Inward Perfection Tribute CB" by jonjowett.

Used to have a simpler casus belli mod that was removed march 2018 so cred goes to that unknown author for inspiration on getting rid of neighbor demands!
Several of these changes I haven’t tested at the same time so there might be small errors, please let me know if something isn’t working as intended.

In most cases I kept the vanilla files as base. I find it easier to look for changes after update. If I stop playing and supporting this mod feel free to change it and let it live on.
Most (perhaps all?) changes I’ve made I’ve started the line or section with #@ to make it easy to find if you want to build from this, update in the future (if I stop playing) or if you find a bug and can tell me how to fix it 🙂