A Deadly Tempest

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Author: Spartan878
Last revision: 7 Feb at 09:17 UTC


This mod and all features are savegame compatibe.


A Deadlier Tempest:
The Gray tempest has been improved not only do they now make use of the more higher end ship technologies but also once every two months their fleets will spawn a ship to replace the numbers that the fleet has lost in combat however If they do not have a mothership class ship within the fleet then it has lost its spawning ability. How this works is that the fleets will keep spawning new ships untill they have reached a fleet size of 11, If it is the mid-game this changes to 21, and finally at the late game their fleets can reach a size of 41 ships in addition once at the lategame they have a very small change to spawn a mothership class instead of an Interdictor class ship. Additional Fleets start spawning once the midgame or lategame points are reached. meaning you in a race againt time to end the threat quickly before it gets out of control.

Control Access to the L-Cluster:
Finally once you research the L-Cluster Access Control technology you will get a unique policy that allows you to close or open the access to the L-Cluster however in order to do so you must have the technology researched and be in control of Terminal Egress.
However when set to Opened you will get a +10% to your pop’s resource output. This represents your more civilian side making use of the gates to exbidite trade and making use of the resources within the cluster.
If you set it to close none of the L-Gates will work but you will not gain a bonus to your pop’s resource production. On the Plus side if there is ever a crisis you cannot beat you now have a safe retreat while the Galaxy burns behind you. (I recommend getting gigastructural engineering mod to build all that population space your going to need for all those refugees or just your pops one or the other)

Builable L-Gates:
You can build L-Gates however the L-Gates must be built at a star that does not already have an L-Gate built and is not in the L-Cluster. L-Gates will activate themselves overtime.

Nanite Technologies:
For your hard struggle against the now Deadly tempest not only do you get access to the L-Cluster’s resources but new Nanite technologies such as being able to research the means to produce the Nanite Resources yourself, the weapons used by the tempest, and others. You must have Nanite resources in order to research the Nanite Technologies.

Buildable Nanite Ships:
Once researched you will be able to design and build nanite ships now these ships do not have a upkeep but their designs are somewhat inflexible, they still use up fleetcap and can only be build from starbases that have the Nanite Foundry building. This building is expensive and has a massive upkeep just to keep it running.

Nanite Bombardment:
Once researched this bombardment stance works much in the same way as the Armageddon bombardment stance with the exception of a tombworld the Planet is instead turned into a Nanite world.
The bombardment requires you to have researched the Technology and have either the Indiscriminate or Amageddon Bombardment polices

Terraformable Nanite worlds:
Once researched you will be able to terraform Nanite worlds into what ever world you wish.

Nanite Bonuses:
This mod also includes a number of technologies that give empire wide bonuses. With the technologies that give the old nanite resources bonuses are just the tip of the ice astroid. Bonuses such as increased ship hull and armor with and small (+1 hull +2 armor) regen, faster building and cheaper ships, etc.

Nanicist and Nanite Drone Jobs:
These unique jobs allow an empire to create nanites for their use. In order to build the buildings that produce their jobs all you need is the Nanite transumtation tech (The vanilla technology), and you can start building them.

Nanite Replicators buildings:
With the Help of Some energy and nanites you can build buildings that can create food or Raw minerals. Buildable once you have the Nanite transumtation technology.

The Mod overwrites these files

Just want to control access to the L-Cluster? Heres is the Link to the Stand Alone L-Cluster Access.