Fallen Empire Megastructures

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Authors: Zparadis, acjparadis
Last revision: 1 Feb at 22:38 UTC


Updated to 2.2.3, see changelog for full details.

Welcome to Fallen Empire Megastructures! This mod intends to make FEs more powerful, and the rewards for defeating them greater, while still remaining true to their ethos.

This includes a new personality for the Materialist, that is only accessible in tandem with the Gigastructures, as well as other differences.

Current Feature List:

Xenophobe: Economic Powerhouse / Genocidal Maniacs

Xenophile: Enigmatic Observers / Caretakers

Materialist: Keepers of Knowledge / Disinterested Videogamers

Spiritualist: God Among Us / Fallen Portal

Economic Powerhouse-

Vanilla = Dyson Sphere (Unfinished or damaged)

Giga = Dyson Sphere (Unfinished or damaged), Neutronium GigaForge (Unfinished or disrepaired),
50% random Chance for each of either the physics or engineering megastrucvture from Gigastructures (Both of which are functional)

Awaken- First priority is to fix/finish their things

Genocidal Maniacs-

Giga = Nicoll-Dyson Beam (Damaged)

Awaken- First priority is to fix their Genocide cannon


Vanilla = Sentry Array (Unfinished or damaged)

Caretakers- Virtual Reality Simulator (Replaces their preserve)

God Among Us-

Always = Chosen One

Fallen Portal-

Giga = Psionic Hypersiphon (Inactive) Awaken- May activate Psionic Hypersiphon

Keepers of Knowledge-

Vanilla = Science Nexus (Special FE Version)

Giga = Matrioshka Brain (Unfinished or disrepaired) Awaken- First priority is to fix/finish their brain

Disinterested Videogamers-

Giga = Virtual Reality (Finished) ——– Virtual Reality Brain Full of pops, with a ringworld to provide the minerals and food.



This mod does not touch initializers at all, so it should be fine with things like Zenith. Everything is done by event after game start. The Disinterested Gamers Materialist FE is created after game start, replacing the normal Materialist FE.

Zenith is Compatiible, with a few hiccups relating to the Disinterested Gamers. These will be fixed.

Fallen Empires Expanded is compatible, but we do not have megastructures for them yet.


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