Space Battleship Yamato

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Author: Red-Eyed_Fairace
Last revision: 18 Nov at 11:46 UTC


Adds a buildable Space Battleship Yamato

For update changes, see discussion thread "Change Log"

Ship Features:

-Wave Motion Gun – Powerful yamato superweapon that can 1 shot a battleship or even a titan but takes time to fire up and cooldown. (see img)

-Wave Motion Core – The AI core of the yamato intagrated in the WME, makes autonomus decision to reduce crew error.

-Wave Motion Reactor – The main powerplant of the ship. Alien technology utilized by the yamato.

-Wave Motion Jump Drive – Advance jump drive created from the WM Tech. (-90% cd, +70 range)

-Auxiliary boosters – The initial thrusters of the yamato when it was lauched. Gives +200% speed boost

See img for other info.

You can only create a maximum of 5 Space Battleship Yamato.
Requires Titan Tech.

Current Version: 2.1d

-Ship colors. (Not fully tested but I think it’s working properly. Need feedback, depending on your current empire color, the ship will match it. (The gun barrels, wave motion gun port, engine port will get their colors on your empire style)

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CREDIS – Model:


Template – Zeratul Vergil
I used his executor mod as a template when creating this mod.


-I now removed Cream.pfe name on the credits because the model I used came from the original author thus making the original author the proper person to credit. (Still, thanks to him, I got this whole idea because of his mod EDF Fleet ship set, so kudos to him)
-You are not allowed to reuse the new ported models on your mod unless you ask permission first to me and I give permission. (Unless you’re willing to download it only then feel free, but dont use the textures I created.)


If you have spare coins or anything, pls feel free to donate so I could get more better equipments and/or buy better softwares like 3dmax or anything. I also do accept random steam games. Thanks in advance.
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