Space Battleship Yamato

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Author: Red-Eyed_Fairace
Last revision: 12 Apr at 12:56 UTC


Adds a buildable Space Battleship Yamato

For update changes, see discussion thread "Change Log"

Ship Features:

-Wave Motion Gun – Powerful yamato superweapon that can 1 shot a battleship or even a titan but takes time to fire up and cooldown. (see img)

-Shock Cannon – Default Energy cannon of the yamato. (Low dmg vs Shields, High dmg vs Armors, Superior dmg vs Hull. Moderate rate of fire with a range of 90.)

-Wave Motion Core – The AI core of the yamato intagrated in the WME, makes autonomus decision to reduce crew error.

-Wave Motion Reactor – The main powerplant of the ship. Alien technology utilized by the yamato.

-Wave Motion Jump Drive – Advance jump drive created from the WM Tech. (-90% cd, +70 range)

-Auxiliary boosters – The initial thrusters of the yamato when it was lauched. Gives +200% speed boost

-Ship Colors – The ship gun barrels, wave motion port, engine port color will match your empire’s color.

See img for other info.

You can only create a maximum of 5 Space Battleship Yamato.
Requires Titan Tech.

Current Version: 3.0a

-Shock Cannons, tech, nerf and buffs. See change log for full details. (or comment section)


Space Batteship Yamato – Downscaled Ship Patch

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CREDIS – Model:


Template – Zeratul Vergil
I used his executor mod as a template when creating this mod.


-I now removed Cream.pfe name on the credits because the model I used came from the original author thus making the original author the proper person to credit. (Still, thanks to him, I got this whole idea because of his mod EDF Fleet ship set, so kudos to him)
-You are not allowed to reuse the new ported models on your mod unless you ask permission first to me and I give permission. (Unless you’re willing to download it only then feel free, but dont use the textures I created.)


If you have spare coins or anything, pls feel free to donate so I could get more better equipments and/or buy better softwares like 3dmax or anything. I also do accept random steam games. Thanks in advance.
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