War in Heaven 100% – Only Rival Ethics

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Author: Gimbutz
Last revision: 10 Dec at 15:26 2018 UTC


Guarantees the War in Heaven event chain, as long as there are two Fallen Empires with opposing ethics.

Once a Fallen Empire (FE) awakens, a FE with conflicting ethics will be set to awaken 10 years later as the ancient rival, triggering a War in Heaven. If there is no such rival available, the event won’t trigger.

It effectively makes the conflict more consequential, in case you don’t appreciate the randomness of the original event but don’t want a War in Heaven in every single one of your games either.


This is an alternative version of War in Heaven 100%, based on an even simpler edit of the game files. In the original event in the Leviathans DLC, there are three random options:

(1) A Fallen Empire with conflicting ethics is chosen as the rival
(2) A Fallen Empire is randomly chosen as the rival
(3) Nothing happens

All this mod does is guaranteeing the first option, while removing the second. If there’s a Fallen Empire with conflicting ethics, it will awaken as per usual.