WH40k: Imperium Species Mod

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Author: Saruman

Last revision: 8 Sep, 2018 at 09:25 UTC

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I am pleased to present you a new version of the "WH40k Imperium Species Mod".


New portraits, from the Adeptus Mechanicus to the Imperial guardsmen, from the psykers to the clerks of the Adeptus Administrum, you are faced with humanity from a distant grim dark future (but no Space Marines yet, sorry). The clothing of the population varies depending on the profession – in the administration of the colony, the clerks of the Adeptus Administrum will work, and the brave guard of the Astra Militarum will serve in the fortresses.

The prescrited state "Imperium of Man" with a unique civic
New civic "Imperium" (to be honest, frankly cheating), adding from the start the technology "Gene Seed Purification" and the trait "Latent Psionic." Imperium have an "Armageddon Bombardment" and unique Casus Belli "Crusade", but unlike the civic "Fanatic Purifiers," the possibility of diplomacy with aliens persists (it reflects a few fragile alliances with the Tau, Eldar and other xeno scum), but, for obvious reasons, neither joining the federation nor the migration pact is accessible to the Imperium. Also, factions of the Spiritualists do not receive unhappiness from receiving robots (it shows the presence of servitors in the Imperium), the factions of materialists do not have unhappiness from the ban on AI.
In addition, I added several alternative forms of government for the Imperium, from quite existing ones (as, for example, tyranny as in the case of Goge Vandir), to uncanonical ones, such as the hereditary dynasty of the Lords-Regents of Terra (waiting for returning of true ruler "Gondor style"). But this is optional, in the original stands the oligarchy of the High Lords of Terra.

Given the huge number of shoveled files, I’m 75% sure that the mod is not very compatible with anything. However, one compatible mod I know for sure. It’s "We Are the Imperial Navy" mod. When this mod connected, the ships of the prescripted empire will automatically be replaced by ships from this mod.

Mod is still in development, various bugs and errors can be detected.

Also, my English is still bad, so do not hesitate to correct my grammatical, lexical and other language errors.

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