Arknights Species Mod

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Author: 邂逅酱大成功OwO

Last revision: 18 Jan, 2019 at 20:04 UTC (2)

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+ 追加了53张(人口与外交界面立绘)与37张(科学家、领导人等特殊立绘)
共计90张来自 明日方舟 的角色立绘 官网地址:

+ 角色觉醒技能立绘仅在科学家、领导人等特殊立绘中出现(就当抽卡游戏吧w)

+ 7张载入界面壁纸


(恭喜明日方舟把卫星射上宇宙)(此模组允许二次发布及修改,释放所有权利 :3)

English Version

My English is not very good, but I’m working on it. :3

This is species mod adds the characters that come from a Chinese mobile game — Arknights

“Originium. That’s what we call those dark crystalline obelisks rising straight up from the ground. It’s brought not only hope to this world, but disasters as well. Our very society was built upon those mysterious minerals, depending on the enormous energy they held. And now, it’s time for us to pay the price.”

“It began with just a few odd medical cases. And then before everyone’s notice, it has spread over the entire world. More and more people are infected by Originium, and become known as the Originum’s Sufferers. Originium granted them magical powers, but also pain and a certain death. Short lived and highly contagious after death, the Originium’s suffers are banished from the society, left to die in the shadows or the wild.”

“But they will not be put down without a fight. The Reunion Movement, once an ordinary underground organization of Originium’s Sufferers, just met their new leader, and also a new ideology. Behind everyone’s sight, they gathered Originium’s Sufferers from all over the world, planning their vicious revenge. And before the governments became aware of their existence, they’ve shown their teeth and lashed out upon the world.”

“And you, a member of Rhodes Island LLC, a modern Knights Hospitaller and experts with Originum Sufferers, shall follow your mysterious leader Amiya in your quest. You are going to recruit other Originium’s Suffers, enter contaminated lands to save lives, and try to stop the upcoming chaos.”

"From now on, everyone must strictly abide by the schedule."


+ 53 different characters (90 portraits) from the "Arknights"
+ 7 loading screens


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