Rogue Colonies

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Author: Ienzo
Last revision: 27 Oct at 04:16 2018 UTC


Ain’t it weird that all humans either belong to the UNE or the CoM? Or ALL members of your species, no matter how unhappy, still stay in your empire?

Well no more! POPs can and will occasionally found their own empire! With blackjack and stuff! A rogue empire will spawn and won’t exactly align with your ethics. Even if it does align, well, they left your country for a reason!

What the event does is that it looks for available worlds near to your country and then a new country will have a chance to spawn there with your species. This mod will NOT increase the chance of rebellions. It also won’t switch a new colony you own to its own country.

Rogue colonies will spawn when your empire has reached a certain size and after a certain number of decades.

AI will also experience this event, so if you see new OPMs forming, gobble them up! They can and will become minor to regional powers in their own right if left alone, though regular AI empires are still usually stronger.

(OPM is EU4 parlance, meaning One-Province Minor, or countries with only one country that are easy to eat if you are fast enough. In Stellaris, I like to think it means One-Planet Minors, though it may be the case that it would be trivial for them to get a second planet.)

This mod is still in development. I am uploading it as a proof-of-concept, showing that the game could in fact spawn rogue empires. For basis I looked at the code that spawn the Nivlac Circle, which is pretty straightforward.

I fixed the biggest problem preventing me from launching the mod, which is empires spawning without a place name, like instead of "Republic of XX" it’s just "Republic of" and "Imperium of." I solve this by re-rolling the empire and capital name after the empire is generated. This means that the name of the rogue empire changing one day after you talk to them is as designed, unfortunately. Thank you to ViolentBeetle for tipping me on that.

The associated event chain, custom special interactions, and the Laconian event chain are still in-progress. For now, rogue colonies will remain regular empires, though same-species bonuses or maluses will very much still apply.

Personally, I had ridiculous fun with playing as the United Nations of Earth with only one other AI (CoM) and then watching these rogue colonists leave Earth’s hegemony to try their own luck in the stars. The results were actually pretty impressive; several of these nascent star nations founded their own Human federation without either Earth or Unity in it.

Try this mod out with your custom species with no other AI. If you play inwards perfectionists, there may be another nascent empire of your brethren that rejects your xenophobia. Or if you play as an egalitarian, a mad man might start his own banana republic on a rock somewhere…

Change log 2018-10-27 1219h, PST

Fixed a minor bug where the rogue colony doesn’t have comms with their home empire

Change log 2018-10-26 2241h, PST
    Fixed the rogue colonies not spawning. In hindsight it was a obvious bug.

  1. Set some policies for the rogue empire (such as food stockpiling).
  2. Copies graphical culture of the home empire.
  3. Began writing code for refugee empires, but these won’t spawn just yet 😉

Change log 2018-10-13 1823h, Philippine Time:
  1. Removed most of the habitability techs since the event already checks if the new capital planet is more than 39 (meaning 40 and above since habitability is always a whole number.) I left it just one habitability tech, just in case.
  2. Removed the instant communication code.
  3. Added new planet_flag already_settled_by_rogues and told the rogues to NOT to settle there. I previously also told them to not settle on planets in systems with starbases, but it seemed they were hard-headed; the "don’t settle on planets in systems with starbases" code is still there however.