Crisis Manager — Player Crisis Pack

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Author: NaK1119
Last revision: 4 Apr at 13:25 UTC



In this mod, your empire can become a pseudo crisis faction, and declare total war on all empires to bring an end of the galaxy.
(* This is considered as a total war by game system, but not a crisis.)

After End-Game Start Year, an edict of "Liquidation of the Galaxy" are unlocked if some of prerequisites are completed.
This edict triggers a total war between your empire and all other empires. No war exhaustion is accumulate, and the war never end until you or other all empires are completely destroyed.
Footnote: this total war is triggered manually by only human player. It is not triggered by AI players or random events.

Basically, this mod independence from other editions of Crisis Managers, and can be used alone or together.

日本語でのMOD説明 / Description of this mod in Japanese

Version Information, Change Log, Required DLC/mod

Ver. 1.10c (this mod)
For Stellaris 2.2.7
Change logs: written in the log page of End-Game Edition

Required DLC/mod: none
Other editions of this mod: Click here

Latest update

Change logs of this mod are written in the log page of End-Game Edition

Install/Uninstall for Saved Game

This mod can be installed for any save data, and be uninstalled only save data that the total war added by this mod has NOT happened or been triggered.

Features (Details)

An edict of "Liquidation of the Galaxy" will be available if all of following conditions are satisfied.

  • Passes End-Game Start Year
  • Has enough fleet power.
    • Equivalent to or stronger than all fallen/awakened empires.
    • Superior or overwhelming to other all empires.
  • Controlled by human player, but not AI.
  • Is independent empire
  • Does NOT form federation.
  • Is NOT at a war now.
  • The above conditions are mitigated, if you operate from the menu of End-Game Edition that is opened by !Mod Menu

A total war begins if you choise the edict and agree to a reconfirmation.

  • Enemies
    • All standard/fallen/awakened empires will be your enemies.
    • All your subjects will be released soon and join war as ENEMIES.
    • Space creatures, enclaves and everything else will be also hostile to you.
  • Rules of War
    • A peace of Status Quo is NEVER made. The war continues until one side is completely destroyed.
    • This is total war. Ownership of starbases defeated in space combat is transfered immediately.
  • Others
    • An orbital bombardment stronger than Armageddon is unlocked.
    • Some of policies are allowed and/or forced.
    • All deals with enclaves are cancelled immediately.
    • The faction of pacifist will displease permanently because of the endless war.

Let’s ruin the galaxy substitute for feckless Prethoryn, extradimensionals and the Contingency.

Compatibility Information: Click here to show details

This mod overwrites armageddon (bombardment), and some of vanilla policies and so on.
This may cause relatively slight combatibility troubles with other mods, though it is probabliy not critical.

Other Information
  • 製作者の母語は日本語です。 / My first language is Japanese.
  • 日本語化パッチは、こちら。 / Japanese Localization Patch is here.
  • Old version of this mod for Stellaris 2.1 are here.[]