Animated TOR Eternal Empire Portraits

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Author: force728
Last revision: 8 Mar at 04:37 UTC


This mod adds animated portraits from the Eternal Empire seen in the Kotfe and Kotet expansion pack for Swtor.

-Animated portraits of Zakuulan Knights, Scions, GEMINI units, etc. (skytroopers are static for now)
-Animated portraits of Valkorion, Arcann, Thexan, Vaylin, and Senya.
-Custom Namelist
-Added the authoritarian cityset from Twink315’s Interesting Cities Mod for Zakuul.
-Two lore based civics: Eternal Throne and Knights of Zakuul.
-Custom Flags
-Zakuul starting system.
-Custom modifiers for the planet Zakuul.
-Several Eternal Empire style rooms.
-Prescripted Empire.

The authoritarian cityset belongs to Twink315’s mod Interesting Cities. The full mod is in the link below:

Feedback is appreciated.