Useful Drake and Dreadnought and more

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Author: kaityomoke
Last revision: 30 Sep at 03:16 UTC


This Mod make Restored Automated Dreadnought and Baby Ether Drake and some event ships more useful.

Dreadnought: Increase speed greatly. Equipped with Psi jump drive regardless of player’s technology.
Ether Drake: Increase speed. Equipped with Psi jump drive. Mergeable with other fleets.
AH4B (a ship in Tiyanki Matriarch): Increase speed. Equipped with Psi jump drive.
Space Amoeba Centenarian: Increase hull and armor greatly. Increase speed. Mergeable with other fleets.

Combat power is not much different from vanilla.

To apply changes of this Mod, you need to activate Mod before getting Dreadnought or Drake.


ドレッドノート: 大幅に速度増加。プレイヤーの技術に関係なくPsiジャンプドライブを装備。
エーテルドレイク: 速度増加。Psiジャンプドライブを装備。他艦隊と合流可能に。
AH4B(ティヤンキ・マトリアークの体内の船): 速度増加。Psiジャンプドライブを装備。
百歳の宇宙アメーバ: 船体と装甲を大幅に増加。速度増加。他艦隊と合流可能に。