PJs :: Beltalowda : Asteroid and Moon Bases

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Author: PrinceJonn
Last revision: 9 Mar at 05:41 UTC


Adding the ability to create moon & asteroid bases that act much like habitats, but without the megastructure. Also adds the Sol system start where you begin on a Moon base on 1 Ceres.

New Systems
  • Beltalowda
  • Moonbase Alpha


I love the expanse, so I had to make a beltalowda system. You start on 1 Ceres after a great war between Earth and Mars. You will be able to expand to Vesta and Eros.

Moonbase Alpha

Start on Moonbase Alpha situated on our very own Luna overlooking a nuked Earth.

Moon Base Candidates

I finally figured out how to create planetoids with large tilesets without having the planets be massive. Therefore I have now modified Sol to include a couple of Moon Bases instead of Terraforming Candidates, as well as letting you colonize Ceres, like a true beltalowda!

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  • OVERRIDE: 00_country_customization
  • OVERRIDE: Many basic buildings and districts to filter them out of my new planet classes