Galaxy Of Memes

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Author: Planetace
Last revision: 19 Oct at 11:11 2018 UTC


When Stellaris couldnt have enough memes.

– A Waluigi species and Bowsette Species, alongside respective Portraits.
– 6 Unique Civics for Waluigi and 5 Unique Civics for Bowsette.
– 3 Unique Traits for Waluigi and 4 Unique Traits for Bowsette.
– 2 unique emblems, each belonging to their respective species.
– 2 Original Empires relating to the new species portraits.


Waluigi rightfully belongs to Nintendo (obviously).

John Su for the full body Bowsette portrait:

Shio bari for the full body Booette portrait:

Fream for her face portraits of blonde/red haired Bowsette and Booette: