Expanded Starbase Silos

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Author: SaltyTeabag
Last revision: 3 Jul at 19:54 2018 UTC


Adds two new starbase buildings to help increase your maximum resources (without being totally OP):

– Energy Silo adds +5000 to your maximum energy
– Mineral Silo adds +5000 to your maximum minerals
– Original Resource Silo is still available to add +2500 energy & +2500 minerals
– Starbase must be upgraded to a Star Fortress before the new buildings are available
– Requires vanilla Resource Silo to be built first

Should be compatible with any version of Stellaris, however not tested with any versions prior to 2.0. Does not replace any vanilla files aside from the icon for the Nebula Refinery building.

Updated for the beta 2.1.2!