UPDATED Flags: Emblems & Backgrounds 2.3 compatible

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Author: Qui-Gon Jake

Last revision: 8 Jun at 06:17 UTC (4)

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Now Compatible with the Launcher v2.3.x!

This Mod Looks Familiar…

Hey Guys!! One of the first mods that got me into playing Stellaris so much was definitely Flags : Emblems & Backgrounds by swefpifh. I really enjoyed (and still do) the customization this mod brought to the game! I do want to quickly stress, the original mod by swefpifh works just fine despite the fact that it is out of date. The only reason I am uploading an updated version is for all the ocd people such as myself who don’t like seeing the "this mod does not support the current version" red box when launching stellaris. That being said, both swefpifh’s and this updated rendition will always be compatible with Stellaris, unless the base coding for flag customization is changed.

Wait, Couldn’t You Get in Trouble?

Please note that the original material for this mod belongs soley to swefpifh and although we all have the author’s permission to use this mod in any work (see his own mod’s description below), if that decision were to suddenly change and swefpifh wanted this updated version to be removed, I will not hesitate to remove it.

Originally posted by swefpifh:

Compatibility : v1.8.*, IronMan, Multiplayers, Achievements, Others mods

Gold/Silver/Onyx colors for all new emblems.


> This mod is free to use in case modders wish to use the content.

Cool, so, do You Have Any Plans On Adding to this Mod?

Because I have yet to learn how to mod in additional flags, emblems, or backgrounds, this mod will likely not change, except for continuing to be updated. However, if you have the desire and talent to create good quality flags, emblems, or backgrounds that you would like to see in the game, please comment in the pinned Discussions tab.

So…Could I Use this Updated Version in any Content I Please?

Because this mod is a carbon copy of it’s original, and the author of the original has given his permission for anyone to use the mod, that same freedom is offered by this updated version (it would be nice though that if you use this mod in creating another, that you reference swefpifh for the amazing job he did!).

I hope everyone enjoys this mod in it’s identical (but at least updated) status! And may the force be with you! 🙂

Compatible with Stellaris v2.3!


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.