Extragalactic Clusters

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Author: Ienzo
Last revision: 13 Oct at 11:10 UTC


Ever since Distant Stars was announced, the devs provided details on how to create your own clusters. I’ve been waiting for an intrepid modder to do exactly that, and it seems I’m that modder.

This mod adds a cluster of stars located outside the galaxy that can be traversed via several wormholes. You’ll find some goodies inside. The cluster will be generated at the second day of the game and takes a few seconds to generate, similar to opening the L-Gate, so expect a little lag as it generates.

In the future I would like to randomize the cluster outcome. For now, this mod is a proof-of-concept and contains only one cluster.

NOT achievement-compatible, because it’s pretty overpowered.
Does NOT need the DLC Distant Stars, but it is compatible with it. L-Cluster will not be overlapped.

Save-game compatible, expect lag on the second day after you load your save. However AI has a better time surveying if you start a new game.

Cross-compatible with most mods, as I only added files. Might not be compatible with other mods that add extragalactic clusters if their cluster uses the same coordinates as mine, but it looks like I’m the first to make one, so this isn’t an issue.

Files added:

POSTSCRIPT: Regarding Starting in the Cluster

I do not know if it is possible to start in a cluster at game start. It sounds like a long shot that will need a lot of workarounds and creative solutions.

For now I can tell you how to start a colony in the cluster using a lot of workarounds.

  1. Start a new game.
  2. wait for the cluster to spawn.
  3. Open up the terminal.
  4. type debugtooltip.
  5. hover over a pop and read their pop ID (debugtooltip has to be on.)
  6. type sensor and go to the cluster.
  7. type in "tweakergui instant_colony" and turn instant_colony on in the box.
  8. go to an inhabited world and type colonize followed by the pop ID of one of your pops (example: "colonize 1" in my case.)
    • a. If there are no habitable worlds, just click any world and type "planet_class pc_tropical" or something.
    • b. If the planet is above size 25, fix it with clicking the planet and typing "planet_size 25" or something.
    • c. Add deposits with clicking the planet and typing "effect reset_planet=yes" then go back to #8.
  9. cheat in just enough energy to move all your pops to the new world.
  10. Dismantle your old starbase and all your ships (you cant move them into the cluster after al.l)
  11. Undo all cheats (debugtooltip, sensor, instant colony) alternatively, you could save and exit.
  12. Tada! You technically have a start in the cluster!

Yeah because of "sensor" you can see all the hyperlanes and some homeworlds, but you can see how difficult it is to manually move your capital to the cluster. I imagine that is how I would go about starting in the cluster but I have little idea how to write this down in Stellaris event code language (which is what governs starting civics, which I assume the a cluster start world use as a trigger.)

Well good luck with that!

Change log:

1. Added a global flag for cluster spawning and modified parsing of the spawn requirements.