Holy Places

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Author: Ienzo

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This mod allows the player to find holy places in areas far from the Spiritualist FE and also adds random shrouded worlds.

Specifically what this mod does is give a chance for Gaia worlds marked as Holy Worlds to spawn outside the neighborhood of the Spiritualist Fallen Empire. If you settle on these holy worlds and the Spiritualist FE exists, the Spiritualist Fallen Empire will still very much declare war on you regardless of how far your empire is to theirs and whether or not you settle these sacred spaces. Spiritualist factions will likewise be made unhappy by settling on these holy places.

Why does this mod exist? This mod is intended for any spiritualist empire to use the Hallow Planet edict to bless Spiritualist FE-approved holy worlds if one of the holy worlds exist within your borders. You will get the Spiritualist FE’s approval and permanent opinion boost, and depending on your luck, their tech. These events are part of the base game and would usually only occur if you spawn near a Spiritualist FE and their holy worlds. With more holy worlds around the galaxy, you could experience these base-game events should you wish to declare a gaia world as hallowed.

Of course if you’d like, you could desecrate these new holy sites and watch as the Spiritualist FE tries to punish you for it. This is a valid use for this mod.

If you wish, you may also experience this this classic. One holy world will have actual holy presapients.

Included are 5 new holy systems and 3 randomly spawned systems with shrouded worlds. The shrouded worlds may or may not have Zro deposits.

NOT achievement-compatible.

Should be cross-compatible with all mods.

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