Marauder Expanded: Dwamak Editions

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Author: Chirumiru ShiRoz
Last revision: 1 Apr at 12:53 UTC


"Listen up you grunts! The time for endless looting, plundering and raiding has ended! I am Great Khan Swubu. I was raised by the civilized dwamaks, I have learned their ways, their secrets and power. Now let the galaxy howl in fear for I have returned to lead you all into glorious battle!"

"Hyieeee~What you are again? You smell like dwamak? But you bring lots of toys. Me obey"

"Good, Anakin Good!"


Do you ever want to throw asteroids into enemy ships?
Do you think marauders are not pirate-like enough?

Well, this may help. Hopefully

Originally this is supposed to be the Marauder portion of the Ancient Cache of Technology Override. But I believed that the marauder stuffs usually happen before ascension mechanics, so I put it here as a standalone.

Basically, Marauder Expanded: Dwamak Edition seeks to make the marauders more stup…more fun to fight. They will have some unique weapon components, unique ship behaviors and overall more pirate-like.

The Great Khan is a great individual, he’s smart and ambitious. But sadly, his poeple are still busy being pirates and st00pid. With great effort, he manage to make them less drunk and get to work.


  • Great Khan now comes equipped with his own Super Flagship, with a T-Slot that shoots asteroids.
  • Marauder ships no longer have fixed component tiers, instead, they just kitbash things from Tier 1 to Tier 3
  • Marauder may now use stolen ships from other civilized empires (Destroyers and Battleships), these ships will have slightly better components (Tier 2-4)
  • Great Khan will be angry if he is defeated first time, and will spawn with more ships on his fleet the next time.
  • Two new weapons
    Dirty Cannon – They do not have the resources or techs to make proper kinetic artillery, but they can improvise enough. Just that they decided to remove targeting computer and just make it fires very very fast instead.

    ADS (Asteroid Delivery Service) – Aka Meteor Catapult. A T-sized weapon used by Great Khan’s flagship. Very high damage. Functions like a very very powerful missile that has extremely high hull hp and extremely terrible speed.

    Be aware that Asteroid Catapult can only be acquired from the Great Khan flagship, so you only get two shots at taking it!

  • Marauder Crews do not know how to use combat computers, so they just have their drunk crews do the calculations instead.
  • This also works for hirable marauders. The third, most expensive will now have stolen battleships and a galleon in it.


The Dirty Cannon is akin to Tier 1 Kinetic Artillery, except it fires very fast and has garbage accuracy (Only 40%)

The Asteroid Catapult has higher damage than Perdition Beam, eats shields easily. But it is extremely unreliable due to slow-as-hell travel speed. It can however be used to tank PDs with its massive hull hp.

Not responsible if you get the urge to use pirate crappy stuffs over civilized weapons.

Also not responsible if this mod makes you no longer take Marauders seriously.

Save and Mod Compatibility
  • Should work on existing saves before Great Khan happens. And should still work on on-going one.
  • Overwrites global_ship_designs/marauder_ship_designs
  • Overwrites some marauder scripted effects
  • Currently does not overwrite any Marauder Events, but future updates may require me to do that to allow three marauders to have different ship designs.

  • Works with 100% Mid Game Horde.
    Credits and Special Thanks
      – Stellaris Modding Den Community, learned many useful stuffs there.- All dwamak supporters. Hope you don’t die to asteroid barrages. Hyieeee~Don’t forget to rate this mod if you like, dwamak!I have a section on Discord for my mods here[]