Presapient Initializers

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Author: Ienzo

Last revision: 14 Dec, 2018 at 11:56 UTC (1)

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Guarantees that presapient anomalies would spawn by forcibly assigning these anomalies to pre-designed planets and systems at galaxy generation. AI will use these as well.

This mod should increase the number of presapients you will meet in the galaxy. Keep in mind the AI might opt to eat these critters instead of uplifting them so gotta catch ’em all!

All of these presapient systems are tagged as primitive systems for the purposes of galaxy generation. Meaning if you set the primitive slider lower at galaxy generation settings, less presapient systems would spawn. Neither this mod nor the slider affects the presapient anomaly events so you may see more presapients in the galaxy from this mod.

This is NOT achievement-compatible.
This is cross compatible with all mods.

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