Automated Dreadnought Buff

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Author: Archturis

Last revision: 30 May, 2018 at 04:32 UTC

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Hi guys,

The point of this mod is to buff the Auto Dreadnought across the board, this includes weapons and utilities. However, I did this without trying to make it OP like some other mods do. The "new" Dread should be able to handle a fleet of around 10-13k solo (test was without late game buffs like improved damage, armor, etc..). However, enemies that ignore shields and armor will take it out with no issue (I lost one fighting 4 clouds. lol)!!

My reason for wanting to do this was that i felt the dreadnought was too underwhelming for the effort put into getting it. Yes, it does have a high amount of shields and armor, but still its damage output wasnt really great. So I threw a couple "fun" things in there to give it a bit of a boost.

The mod will edit the leviathans_designs file, so any other mod that also uses that may not work with this. I couldnt figure out a way to get this to just edit the lines i wanted to change (if anyone knows, help is appreciated).

A couple people had subscribed before the mod was finished, sorry about that. Its my first mod and I was still figuring some stuff out.

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