Zero-G Engineering

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Author: QuincyBlue
Last revision: 2 Sep at 04:39 2018 UTC


Adds the Zero-G Engineering civic, which functions similarly to the Voidborne civic from cbshing’s Origins Civics mod, except it can be used by machine intelligence empires.

Starts the player on a habitat instead of a planet, and provides several bonuses to shipbuilding and upkeep; however, planetside colonies (not habitats or ringworlds) have severe production penalties!

April 24th, 2018 – Major functionality update. player can now colonize planetside
Planetside colonies are no longer automatically destroyed, but are given huge negative modifiers that make robot pops nearly useless. this modifier is automatically removed when you lose the colony.

September 1st, 2018 – Added compatability for Planetary Diversity, by request. Should still work fine if you don’t use that mod. Also removed the decomission colony edict, as colonies can already be destroyed by simply disassembling all machine pops on planet (I hadn’t played the game for quite a while when I first made this mod :P)
Also updated civic icon to a much cleaner one provided by the makers of the "Government Overhaul Open Beta" mod. thanks!

Zero-G Engineering can now also be used with the Determined Exterminators civic, so go and annihilate the galaxy with your now basically free ships!

Please tell me if you find any bugs!

Thanks, I hope you enjoy!