SMAC Alpha Centauri System

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Author: Randarkmaan
Last revision: 13 Apr at 01:29 2017 UTC


The Alpha Centauri binary star system as described in the manual of Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri (1999).

Star type is unchanged from vanilla. I have also added in the star Alpha Centauri B (stellar class K) making the system a binary system (B is placed much closer than it really is). The color and light of the main star also seems to make the secondary star appear much brighter (it should be more orange).

The close orbital distance between the two stars have prevented the formation of planets in the system. It only consists of two planets, the mercury-like Eurytion and the garden world Chiron/Planet. I also added in an asteroid belt to portray how Alpha Centauri B (Hercules) has destroyed, or prevented the formation of, other planets in this system.

Chiron itself is a large (25-tile) tropical world with two moons, Pholus and Nessus.

All the names mentioned here are names from the game manual (and the names are those of centaurs in myth), though the file I uploaded does not have these names as I figured I’d allow users to change the names as they themselves see fit.

At the moment there are no events or custom anomalies or modifiers defined for this system, and it might be a bit light on that as the system is so small. I’ll see about that later at some point.

Should work with any mod that does not modfiy the file prescripted_species_system.txt which defines the neighbors of the Sol system among others. It does work with mods that simply add new configurations of the Sol System (such as the Expanded Sol System mod), provided these do not modify the specified text file.