Stronger Advanced AI Starts [2.1.*]

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Author: Pseudo-Godwoken
Last revision: 7 Sep at 21:17 UTC


Mod updated and uploaded with permission from ButtJunkie. (Original Mod)

This mod makes boosts the starting power of ‘Advanced AIs’ by giving them more planets, population, more-established colonies, larger fleets, and more resources. You’ll have to start a fresh game with it to experience the changes. It won’t ruin pre-existing or later saves and is only needed during the initial generation of the galaxy.

On average the advanced AI civs will start with 5 planets (as few as 2 to as many as 10), up to 70-80 pops, tier 2 buildings, 2-4k fleets and plenty of energy and minerals.

Version: 2.1.*
Ironman: No.
Can be added to saves: Will have no effect.
Can be removed from saves: Yes.

Not compatible with mods that overwrite the following events in game_start.txt:

  • game_start.22
  • game_start.23