!!Stellaris: Realism – Pre Alpha

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Author: ButtJunkie
Last revision: 29 Sep at 14:50 UTC



This mod is a pre-alpha version of Stellaris: Realism, an overhaul that implements actual population, migration, a more widespread colonisation system, industry, empire finances, new resources and policies.

It is in a rough state, released so those following the mod can get a feel for it and test the mod’s core systems. It’s not intended for normal playthroughs, as there are bugs and a lot of unfinished work. Most of the issues will get ironed out over the next couple of weeks, after which work can start on the many intended events to make the empire and galaxy feel more alive.

The mod will receive significant development over the next couple of weeks, so feel to try it, but if you want to actually play through a game, I’d recommend waiting until it reaches Beta status.

Discord Channel (Stellaris Modding Den):

Preview playlist:

50 minutes of ranting and gameplay:

I really recommend the 50min video if you haven’t been following the mod, as I do spend most of the video explaining the mod and its mechanics as I play through about 15 years. When the mod is more polished, I’ll created a more structured video explain the most significant changes, and the mod will also contain a ton of tool tips and a help menu.