!Stellaris Realism – Beta 2.51

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Author: ButtJunkie
Last revision: 25 Nov at 12:03 2018 UTC


Youtube Playthrough

I’m doing a Youtube playthrough for anyone that wants to check the mod out in action or needs help figuring it all out. The first few minutes of each episode cover any major changes, although the first episode is pretty heavy on explanations. I’ll start over again after 2.2 since the mod will undergo some big changes.

Vanilla 2.2

Priority: Make use of vanilla 2.2’s plantetary mechanics as soon as it is released.
Priority: Use 2.2’s cool new code to change techs, traditions, traits etc to suit the mod.

Before vanilla 2.2

Events + prep for vanilla 2.2. Am build a new economic system that runs on supply and demand, profit, consumption, tracks wealth of industries and the population etc. It has the potential to shake things up economically, drive events, and offer a little more interaction. We’ll be able to use the local/galactic market with it, but it’ll generally run on an autonomous market. I’ll likely roll the new industry out just ahead of 2.2, possibly as a submod for now (to not ruin savegames).

Beta 2.5 released 25/11/18

Recent significant changes include:
– New infrastructure and science systems.
– Infrastructure project costs charged gradually via the infrastructure budget expense rather than debt.
– New Science budget policy modifies research speed of new science system.
– Industry growth reworked, and higher taxes now properly influence (harm) growth.
– Budget expenses have been rebalanced, and scale with gdp instead of population, making managing budgets less finicky. Note that weak economies will negatively affect standard of living, but can be compensated with higher budget policies and good infrastructure.


This mod replaces many of the base game’s mechanics with new systems that provide a more of a grand strategy feel. Overall, management is streamlined and centralised, with the focus being on managing an empire as a whole.

Major features:

– New colonisation, population, migration, industry, finance, infrastructure, and science systems.
– Colonisation and industry operate autonomously.
– Demand-driven economy with 14 industries and a resource overhaul (will rework in 2.2).
– Empire budget to manage, potential debt, many new policies for management.
– Management moved from predominantly planet level to empire level.
– New method of ordering ships from the new GUI.
– Standard of living, approval and order replace happiness.
– Increasing number of political, social and economic events provide flavour (early days).
– Various UI tweaks, including new GUI management screens.
– Pops and buildings will return to core worlds when vanilla 2.2 is released.


– The mod needs to be played in English for now; stats won’t currently appear in other languages.
– The mod makes huge changes and works very differently to vanilla; if you just jump into the game, you’ll probably have no idea what is going on. Watch the youtube videos, or read the help topics (pops up when you start a game).


If you want to get an idea of the mod is about, check out the Youtube playlist of beta playthrough
Any major updates are covered in the first few minutes of each episode.

Discord Channel (Stellaris Modding Den):

I really recommend the video to get a feel for the mod and its recent changes. There are also tooltips, a quick tutorial and a help menu provided in-game.

List of changes