Carrot Madness

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Author: Undead
Last revision: 26 Sep at 03:11 UTC


Sick of the tyranny that Apples as a food symbol bring? Rather join the glorious Carrot Collective rather than suffer under the Apple bourgeois? Well now you can! Carrot Madness aims to replace all representations of apples within Stellaris while furthering the Carrotist agenda.


• 5 Carrot Emblems
• 2 Carrot-Themed Namelists
• 4 Minor Events
• 2 Carroty Cityscapes (Reptilian & Mammalian)
• Replacement of Food Icons
• Carroty-Fungus Portrait

Current Focus

• Increasing the number of Carrot-Themed events.
• Creating orange-green cityscapes for the rest of the races
• Carrot-Garden Cityscape
• Carrot-Themed Anomalies
• Carrot Portrait
• Foundation for Carrot-Crisis

Possible Plans for the Future

• Carrot Planets
• Carrot Megastructures
• Carrot Ships
• Replacing all icons with veggies (Turnips for Minerals, ect.)