Military Faction – 2.2

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Author: DrBLOOD
Last revision: 15 Jan at 07:52 UTC


About that mod >

That mod is especially for people who prefers to play as "turtle" without being dominated by the other AI empires building fleets very quickly.
After researching the "Military Faction" technology a new vassal empire called "Military Faction" will be created under the command of the player who did the research,
that new empire will follow the player orders, help them in their war and never rebel against them. They do not need any planet to remain active.

How to give orders?

Compared to others the Military Faction is not managed by an AI but Events instead, orders can be set using the "Military Faction Managment" policy, and here you have 4 options:


All the fleets will be destroyed and no more will be build.

Support Fleets

Each support fleets will select the closest of your military fleets and follow it until your military fleet or the support fleet itself is destroyed.

Defend Territory

All the fleets will patrol in your territory and hunt any hostile ship inside, but for security they will not try to engage Leviathans to let the player have the events and all the glory.


Very useful especially in war, all the fleets will hunt the major threat in the whole galaxy, major threat includes all the hostile ships from a country/fallen empire in war with the player or the crisises.

That policy will cost 1 influence and will be set back to disbanded if you don’t have have anymore influence.

What is the limit of the faction?

By researching the technology the faction will start with a limit of 50 corvettes and then by researching further technologies you will be able to make them unlock new ships and even raise their capicity. You can see the limits on the sceenshots.

How do they spawn fleet?

In order to allow the faction to have fleets you will need first to set the "Military Faction Managment" policy into something else than "Disbanded", then you will need at least a Starbase with a Shipyard and that is all.
But as the ship you let them build get bigger and the more restriction they will have.

– Corvette : Techs + Shipyard + Starbase
– Destroyer : Techs + Shipyard + Starhold
– Cruiser : Techs + Shipyard + Fortress
– Battleship : Techs + Shipyard + Citadel
– Titan : Techs + Shipyard + Citadel + Titan Yard + DLC

What if I am a subject?

If you happen to become a vassal, the game rule will force the control of the faction to your overlord and so to avoid that the faction will be disbanded and you won’t be able to have a new one unless you become independant again.

How does their fleets spawn?

Each of their fleets will be spawned with events, in order for them to works all you need is a planet with a spaceport.

Can I Design the Military Faction Ships?

Each fleets spawned by the faction will use the designs and the graphical culture of your empire but they won’t be able to be upgrated. So if you want to upgrate the designs of the faction the only way would be to disband them and start over.

Can the AI use them?

Yes the AI is able to use the military faction only if a player allow them by activing the special country edict for it.
Most of the time he will put the policy on Defend Territory.

Mod Compatibility

– New Ship Classes.

Performance Issue?

Yes it is possible that using that mod will reduce performance in the late-game so it is recommanded to play on a medium galaxy, not something bigger.

More Informations

– That mod is compatible with multiplayer and AIs can also use it.
– Be careful because your faction won’t build anymore ship if you are a subject (vassal / protectorat).
– In order to let the player change the mangment policies without limit, the 10 years restriction has been removed.
– The faction country will have a custom name including the one of your main specie.
– Letting the AIs use the faction could end up with a lot of FPS drop in later games because of the huge amount of fleets.
– Mod compatible with old saves.
– No files were replaced so that mod should be compatible with anything.
– Actually with events there are no way to merge fleets which mean that you can sometimes and up with 30 support fleets following you main fleet which can be annoying.
– Added some weight modifiers in technologies, for example if you want more chance for the destroyers tech to spawn for your military faction, having already unlocked the cruiser (spaceport lvl 5) will help a lot.