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Author: Lucas🔥
Last revision: 24 Sep at 01:30 2018 UTC


Introducing Droids! a mod that brings robotic beings heavily inspired by the creations in STAR WARS into the stellaris universe.

v1.0.0 brings:
– 8 new techs
– 1 new building
– 2 new armies

v1.0.1 brings:
– a typo fix to "Droid Personal Shields" tech which used to be "Droid Personal Sheilds" tragic ik Mentioned orignally by: Torto The Conqueror

v1.1.0 brings:
– 2 new techs
– 1 new army Mentioned orignally by: Cosmosis

v1.1.1 brings:
– 1 new tech
– fix to allow robot empires to use Droid Armies Mentioned orignally by: Them8

v1.2.0 brings:
– 2 new techs
– 3 new strikecraft Mentioned orignally by: Opteris

v1.2.1 brings:
– Fix to armies that makes them just Droids not (species name) Droids
– Fix to armies that should allow machine empires to make them (I’m not sure since I dont have this dlc :/ )
Mentioned orignally by: Chirumiru ShiRoz

1.3.0 brings:
– all new icons for every incon needing spot!
– fix that should make sure the mod is not outdated
– a big thank-you for getting my mod on to the 1st page in Most Popular!!! ~ L

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