Crisis Manager – Mid-Game Edition [BETA]

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Author: NaK1119

Last revision: 12 Jul at 17:12 UTC (20)

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Caution: Meager Debugging

I cannot spare time for test play and debugging of this mod for the time being.
This means, although I will do minimum update of this mod for new version of Stellaris, any serious bug may remain in this mod and I cannot enough support for the reported bugs.


This mod is a tool for customizing mid-game crises: Horde Crisis (Great Khan) and Grey Tempest (L-Gate).
For example, timing of Great Khan Reigning, the number of required insights for L-Gate, event when L-Gate is opened, etc.

Although this is sub-mod of End-Game Edition, this mod works without that mod when you are concerned about compatibility with another mod. In this case, a configuration menu is a little labored.
The configuration menu can be opened by !Mod Menu
Several configuration templates is prepared in only End-Game Edition. The template can be replaced if you make templates as sub-mod.

A deadline for setting parameters of L-Gate events are going to come very sooner than other edition.
Concretely, they can be changed till any empire (not only you) finds Gateway or L-Gate.
So, you should set parameters as soon as game start.

Version Information, Change Log, Required DLC/mod

Ver. 1.10d (this mod)
For Stellaris 2.3.0/2.3.1/2.3.2/2.3.3
Change logs: written in the log page of End-Game Edition

Required DLCs: Apocalypse and/or Distant Stars
Required mod: !Mod Menu
Other editions of this mod: Click here

Install/Uninstall for Saved Game

This mod can be installed for ONLY NEW GAME
This mod can be uninstalled safely only when all of following conditions are satisfied.
– Horde Crisis is NOT ongoing.
– Gray Tempest is NOT ongoing.
– Dessanu, who is an empire in L-Gate, does NOT exist.

Features (Details)
  • Followings can be modified (Main features)
    • Multiple reigning of Great Khan
    • Conditions for reigning of Great Khan
    • Toughness of Great Khan
    • Conditions for opening L-Gate
    • Type of event when L-Gate is opened
    • And others
  • About Configuration Templates
    • Preset templates are packaged with only End-Game Edition
    • User template can be made as mini-mod; the way is written in a web page of End-Game Edition
    • Although files for user templates are packaged with only End-Game Edition, user template can be enabled without enabling End-Game Edition.
    • Caution: Only one template mod can be applied.
  • Manual operation of some events for mid-game crises (Sub features)
    • You can forcibly awaken and/or kill Great Khan anytime you want.
    • You can forcibly open L-Gate and/or destroy Gray Tempest anytime you want.

Compatibility Information: Click here to show details

This mod is NOT compatible with the mod modifying Horde Crisis and/or L-Gate events.
Maybe this mod is compatible with the mod modifying marauders before Great Khan reigns.
This mod is probably compatible with the mod modifying AI, fleet and/or ship of Horde and/or Gray Tempest.

Other Information
  • 製作者の母語は日本語です。 / My first language is Japanese.
  • 日本語化パッチは、こちら。 / Japanese Localization Patch is here.
  • Old version of this mod for Stellaris 2.1 are here.[]