Crisis Manager – Mid-Game Edition

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Author: NaK1119
Last revision: 27 Oct at 00:07 UTC



This mod is a tool for customizing mid-game crises: Horde Crisis (Great Khan) and Grey Tempest (L-Gate).
For example, timing of Great Khan Reigning, the number of required insights for L-Gate, event when L-Gate is opened, etc.

Although this is sub-mod of End-Game Edition, this mod works without that mod when you are concerned about compatibility with another mod. In this case, a configuration menu is a little labored.
The configuration menu can be opened by !Mod Menu
Several configuration templates is prepared in only End-Game Edition. The template can be replaced if you make templates as sub-mod.

A deadline for setting parameters of L-Gate events are going to come very sooner than other edition.
Concretely, they can be changed till any empire (not only you) finds Gateway or L-Gate.
So, you should set parameters as soon as game start.

Version Info., etc.

Ver. 1.8 (this mod)
For Stellaris 2.1.3
Change logs: written in the log page of End-Game Edition

Required DLCs: Apocalypse and/or Distant Stars
Required mod: !Mod Menu
Other editions of this mod: Click here

Install/Uninstall for Saved Game

This mod can be installed for ONLY NEW GAME
This mod can be uninstalled safely only when neither of Horde Crisis nor Gray Tempest are ongoing.

Features (Details)
  • Followings can be modified (Main features)
    • Multiple reigning of Great Khan
    • Conditions for reigning of Great Khan
    • Toughness of Great Khan
    • Conditions for opening L-Gate
    • Type of event when L-Gate is opened
    • And others
  • About Configuration Templates
    • Preset templates are packaged with only End-Game Edition
    • User template can be made as mini-mod; the way is written in a web page of End-Game Edition
    • Although files for user templates are packaged with only End-Game Edition, user template can be enabled without enabling End-Game Edition.
    • Caution: Only one template mod can be applied.
  • Manual operation of some events for mid-game crises (Sub features)
    • You can forcibly awaken and/or kill Great Khan anytime you want.
    • You can forcibly open L-Gate and/or destroy Gray Tempest anytime you want.

Compatibility Information

This mod is NOT compatible with the mod modifying Horde Crisis and/or L-Gate events.
Maybe this mod is compatible with the mod modifying marauders before Great Khan reigns.
This mod is probably compatible with the mod modifying AI, fleet and/or ship of Horde and/or Gray Tempest.

Advanced Information

  • This mod require "Apocalypse" for Horde crisis and "Distant Stars" for L-Gate events
    • This mod works without one of these DLCs, but the events corresponding uninstalled DLC do not happen.
    • This mod does not work substantially without both of these DLCs.
  • This mod replace following files.
    • events
      • marauder_events.txt (Only followings)
        • marauder.x (x = 500 ~ 700)
      • distant_stars_events.txt (Only followings)
        • distar.x (x = 10000 ~ 13080)
      • gray_goo_events.txt
    • commonscripted_effects
      • 00_scripted_effects.txt (Only followings)
        • start_lcluster_chain
        • generate_lcluster_clue
      • gray_goo_effects.txt

Other Information
  • 製作者の母語は日本語です。 / My first language is Japanese.
  • 日本語化パッチは、こちら。 / Japanese Localization Patch is here.

Required items:
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