Stellaris Dashboard

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Author: blubblubblobb
Last revision: 6 Dec at 21:10 2018 UTC


The stellaris dashboard is a program that reads your Stellaris save files while you play the game and shows you more detailed information and stats about your playthrough. This workshop mod extends the internet browser included in Stellaris, allowing you to access the dashboard from within the game.

!!!IMPORTANT!!! To use the dashboard, you must install and run the program following the instructions given below. The program has to run in the background while you play Stellaris!

The current release of the dashboard program is NOT compatible with Stellaris 2.2. I am working on a new version which should be released soon. In the meantime, I already updated the workshop mod to remove the outdated mod warning message. (The Stellaris in-game browser did not change)

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Timeline Graphs

You can access timeline graphs of over 20 different metrics, including:
– Energy, mineral and food budgets
– Species demographics
– Faction politics
– Science output, and exploration progress
– A galaxy map where you can see exactly which empire owned which systems at any time

Event Ledger

Additionally, the history of the galaxy is recorded as you play. You can browse the history of your game in the dashboard by accessing the event ledger. Here, you can currently browse:

A summary of each war, including:
– War participants and their war goals
– Combat logs (this is a work in progress)

Biographies of your leaders, describing their lifetime achievements, including:
– Government positions (rulers, sector governors, …) and faction leadership
– Technologies, Edicts, Traditions and Ascension perks under their leadership
– Construction of megastructures

Installation and Use

1. Subscribe to this workshop mod
2. Install the dashboard program, following the instructions at or in my video walkthrough of the installation in windows at .
3. Run the dashboard program and play the game.

Important: The dashboard currently does not support multiplayer games.

Other information

Update notifications
Since the dashboard is still a work in progress, I will occasionally release updates. If a new version of the dashboard program is released I can update the Steam workshop, and you will see a notification in the dashboard UI. This notification is shown only because the workshop mod contains a version ID, allowing the dashboard to compare its own version to this ID. The dashboard program itself does not send any data. It only runs locally on your computer.

Why a separate program?
The dashboard is quite complex and to my (limited) knowledge, making a mod with these features by editing the game files would be impossible (at least for me). This is why you have to run the external program to use the dashboard.

The dashboard program’s entire source code is released on github, at


Many thanks to 8igualdos0s, who hosted an earlier version of this mod at a time when I was too busy to do it myself: