SD’s Strike Craft Tweak

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Author: SalsaDoom
Last revision: 9 Oct at 03:08 2018 UTC



Strike Craft are still just terrible. But I love strike craft anyway. So I insist I use them.

But they are terrible. So… this just straight up doubles their damage. They are so bad in the stock that I doubt this makes them OP. heh. It also doubles their rotation rate so hopefully they spend less time making hugely wide turns and actually participate in battle.

Note this is incompatible with my Fighter Gun Graphics Swap mod, and it includes those changes anyway. So use this or that one but not both.

Ok, so after some discussion on reddit this also doubles their speed from 300/350/400 to 600/700/800. Lets see what that does. I also realized that I have made an undocumented change to double their rotation speed. Anyway, maybe that’ll make this poor things a bit more useful.