The Zenith of Fallen Empires: Sins of the Fallen Empires – TECH ALPHA

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Authors: Chirumiru ShiRoz, Kolyn, Random™, ユニバーサルパワー
Last revision: 17 Feb at 07:06 UTC




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Please avoid asking obvious or unrelated questions. This is hard work, and many fallen xenophile spies lost their lives to bring you this information.

Also, in case you missed, subscribe to all the required items, it is important. You have no idea how many people fails this part.

Within the mysterious star-sized Outer Gates, an ancient ascendency sleeps. The fallen precursors harbor many secrets. But there is one secret. One puzzle that must never be solved. For it is said that the ancient power within will devour all…but can the words of these decripit fallen empires be trusted?

The Zenith of Fallen Empires: Sins of the Fallen Empires introduces a new late-game crisis as well as a story-driven content that seeks to explain the origins and backstories behind the fallen empires. It is also designed to give players a challenging crisis that is not as family-friendly as the vanilla ones.


  • Outer Gates, Outer Gate Clusters and their sacred Gatekeeper Guardians.

  • The Progenitor, the first ascendency, the forebearer of all fallen empires. A new late-game crisis to fight. One that causes all other fallen empires to awaken.

  • Progenitor Shipsets, Portraits and Cities (The shipsets have both pre and post Ascension)

  • Various new secret technologies used by ancient civilization millions of years ago.

  • Death and Destruction

  • Memes, Bugs, Errors, Typos, Fail Grammar. – This is a Tech Alpha.

  • Full features explained – IT IS OUTDATED BTW – ALL OF THEM LIEShere.

Requires all the four mods shown in the required items list.

is_crisis_faction – Scripted Trigger

habitable_structure – Scripted Trigger

can_orbital_bombard – Game Rules

ai_should_restrict_system – Game Rules

has_full_sensor_range – Game Rules

Only works on new saves.


Known Bugs/Glitches/Issues

– Due to the amount of things going on, performance may become an issue.

What to report:

– Events not working
– Balance
– Reasonable Complaints that is related to SOFE or ACOT

What to NOT report:

– Events not working or crisis not ending due to you performing things that is not supposed to happen in vanilla. (Like blowing up their systems with Mike Tyson Beam, or colossus their worlds (By default, they should be immune to colossus attacks)
– Broken Localization
– Bad Grammar, Typos (This Tech Alpha has NOT been proofread)
– Placeholder Names
– Dumb complaints that are not related to the above
– Crisis too difficult. You asked for it, now suffer the consequences 😛

Q: How to get the Crisis to appear?
A: Find an Outergate, wait for mid-game. Kills the Guardian, then occupy the system. The events to unlock will begin shortly.

Q: I have the Outer Gate in my border for awhile now after mid-game, but nothing happens.
A: Select the SOFE Menu, then select the Activate Outer Gate Study option. Sometimes the check for this doesn’t fire properly if your country type has been changed sometimes.

Q: How much should I prepare?
A: Do not open it until your AE is actually good. But there’s no need to make one doom deathball of 100M fleetpowers

Q: The OE fleets are flying metal boxes…THE KOWARDS! THE FAWELLS?
A: Look at the top of the mod intro, subscribe to everything there. And i mean everything.

If this problem persists, you may be using a mod that changes zofe_ship_sizes.

Q: I made a truce with the OE, now they are quiet and cant be interacted with.
A: The content for post-crisis passive OE has not yet been fully implemented.

Q: What the, why does the OE have so many worlds. Do I have to konquer them all?
A: Simply defeat the ground forces of one of the ringworlds will trigger the event that will decide the outcome of the crisis.

A: You are not supposed to invade them, you are supposed to bomb the planets. This has been written in the planet description itself, in the guidelines and I am pretty sure in the situation log.

Q: My game crashed after doing XXX
A: Give me basic rundown of the error logs, keep in mind that SOFE has a lot of events and scripts. Do not play this with 100+ mods and expect smooth performances. Do not play the mod on largest setting with 50+ empires, 20+ FEs, 500m fleets and 100 megastructures and complain to me the game crash or something like that.

Q: What are the useful console commands in case I just want to try stuffs out?
A: These are debug commands you can use

  • event origin_test_event.0 = Gives all Stellarite-Tier Tech
  • event origin_test_event.1 = Gives all LM-Tier Tech
  • event origin_test_event.2 = Spawns a small OE fleet with a level 10 OE-trait Admiral
  • event origin_test_event.3 = Spawns a large OE fleet with a level 10 OE-trait Admiral
  • event origin_test_event.4 and 5 = Spawns a stupid FE fleet so you can use them to do some mock-up testing (Use attackallfleets to make them fight)
  • event origin_test_event.6 = Spawns an Arkship
  • event origin_test_event.7 = Spawns a set of Gatekeepers
  • event origin_test_event.8 = Spawns Corrupted Psionic Avatars
  • event origin_test_event.9 = Spawns an OE ground force
  • event origin_test_event.10 = Gives a large amount of resources
  • event origin_test_event.11 = Transform your empire into an OE-like AE. Useful for trolling other empires with your OP stuffs
  • event origin_test_event.12 = Transform the selected planet into a Gaia one with OE buildings.

Q: Greetings!
A: Excellent!

Credits and Special Thanks to:
  • Some of the icons, sounds and images are modifcations of Starcraft and Command and Conquers. I do not take ownership on any of these assets.
  • Kolyn for making the ZOFE Main Mods, Portraits (No Glowing Eyes) and Stuffs. Also for supplying the Mod Description Format. You can clearly see this is his version 😛
  • Space Frog and the LEX Mods for providing this submod with the badass Ancient Ship Models as well as the shieldmesh from the Planetary Shield
  • Human Variety and Humans Revolution for some of the clothes that I based from.
  • Patreon and Stellaris Modding Den Discord people who help with ideas and suggestions, greetings! – Your names have been embedded into the halls of the OE.
  • And to all subscribers!! Don’t Worry, Just Eat. And Eat

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