(Government Overhaul Open Beta)

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Authors: cbshing, [kk_Leg] kRIEGER, cariari, NewAgeKid52, xnadu27

Last revision: 12 Oct, 2018 at 17:20 UTC (8)

File size: 3.54 MB

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Attention: All work on this mod has been suspended until 2.2 released. It feels kinda wasteful with the new stuff coming to continue working on 2.1. Once 2.2 launches I will get to work on the new version of the mod, probably a bit scaled down and with slightly less governments.

Government Overhaul is large-scale expansion and overhaul of all governments, civics, and personalities. It is the spiritual successor to petruxa’s Cultural Overhaul, at least the government portion of that mod. I have included no ethics or traditions in this mod, for extra compatibility. Down the line I would like to add these, so see my future plans at the bottom of the page.

This mod is so much more than a merge mod. Many civics are brand-new from GO and so are new features, such as custom FEs.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or issues, leave a comment and I’ll answer ASAP. A few civics are missing icons and modifiers, they wil be added soon. Read the to-do list.


It will be removed after the beta peroid. Updates will only come on weekends from now on. Release is planned for September.

-178 new civics, including those for gestalts
-16 new personalities
-122 new governments
-Multiple heirs for Imperial governments (WIP)
-3 new policies: Economic Model, Economic Focus, and Healthcare
-2 new authorities
-Consortium authority, for playing as a pirate, criminal, or cartel empire (WIP)
-Create custom FEs and force-spawn them (Should work)
-Special powers for Imperial and Republican governments (WIP)
-Most base game civics have been buffed, and you can now take Post-Apocalyptic or Life-Seeded with Mechanist.
-Authoritarians can be Democratic and Republican, and Egalitarians can be Dictatorial or Imperial.
-Many other new features from other mods that were integrated

Government Overhaul would not have been possible without the contributions of these people. Many thanks to them! Notice that only some civics from these mods were used, to prevent redundancy.

ExOverhaul: Ethics & Government by ExNihil

More Civics in Ethics & Civics Rebuild by NewAgeKid52

Civics + by Kapibaro

Exigency- Additional Civics by Edcrab

Government Variety Pack by LittleRaskol and Meltup

Violent Beetle’s Extra Civics & Personalities by Violent Beetle

Pirate Codex Government Type by BrutishMrFish

Civic Redux by Ungentlemanly Conduct

Cultural Overhaul by petruxa

Expanded Ideologies by AvenDonn

Zero-G Engineering by QuincyBlue

Juris Civic Expansion by Sanity Dance

Civics & Origins Reloaded by Xoatl

Hive World civic from Expanded Hive Minds
Ackoli, for all his ideas and input
Spillik, for doing UI work

Mod icon depicts the ring from the mod Planet Rings- Torus

Barracks icon by Delapouite under CC BY 3.0 for Citizen Service Civic
Person icon by Delapouite under CC BY 3.0 for Individualist civic
Two shadows icon by Lorc under CC BY 3.0 for Collectivist civic
From https://game-icons.net/

Overwritten files

Egalitarian ethics
Bombardment policy
Raiding bombardment stance

Origins Civics Patch
The Zenith of the Fallen Empires Patch
Planetary Diversity patch is WIP
EUTAB patch coming soon

Government Overhaul: Sword of Islam

English only right now

-Some civics may require additional DLCs, but most don’t

Near Future Plans
-Finish the beta
-Faction overhaul
-Marauder civic for custom Marauder empires
-True Theocracy civic
-Hierarchal Autonomy civic
-Fix all the broken events
-Make more patches

Far Future Plans
-Ancient Machine Intelligence
-Strict Neutrality civic