Larger Fleets

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Author: Flemmi

Last revision: 28 Dec, 2018 at 22:39 UTC (4)

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This Mod increases the Vanilla Fleet Sized to 10 times (5000cap) of the regular Value, also changes Technologies and Traditions to accommodate that.

Naval Capacity is affected: Galactic Force Projection will give 800 instead of 80 to that.

This is supposed to make a single person who asked me to do it happy. I know the balance is propably broken, but if you play a game with this mod and tell me the result, I would be happy.

Changes to Command limit on

  • Civic: Distinguished Admiralty from 10 to 100
  • the overall command limit up to 5000 (propably around 2000 is what you can get)
  • the Supramcey Tradition "War Games" from 20 to 200
  • the Society Research for Command Limit from 10 to 100
  • the shipclasses research also changed from 10 to 100
  • A Second Galactic Force projection to giveing 10times the bonus, this is to remove incompatibility with Tradition mods

Tested Mods Compatibility

  • I havent yet


Reversal Mod
This mod will instead set your you fleet size to 2/3.


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.