Overpowered (Cheat Edicts)

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Author: Fheo
Last revision: 29 Dec at 17:39 2018 UTC


Gives your Empire various Overpowered Boosts. Activate and deactivate them at will.

Inspired by Aitherix’ "Edicts++". It can be found here:

This mod will obviously make the game completely unbalanced and most likely too easy. Maybe don’t use it when you want a challenge…


– Many custom edicts, giving your Empire custom and completely overpowered modifers
– Choose the cheats and boosts you want to give you the desired arcade/sandbox feeling
– "Toggleable" Edicts: With the Stellaris 2.0 update, edicts could no longer be toggled on and off at will, but had a minimum duration. This mod creates a work-around giving you the option to get the Overpowered modifiers for any desired duration again.
– Planet Decisions: Permanently increase a planet’s size or turn it into a Gaia World
– Spawn Edicts: Summon Fleets and Armies at will
– Edicts to increase your opinion with other empires or your subjects
– Option to hide the Overpowered Edicts in the menu so it doesnt get too crowded
– The AI should never be able to pick any of these edicts

For many edicts, the changes will take effect only after the start of the next in-game month.

Important Note: If you plan to uninstall the mod and plan to keep playing on a savegame that used this mod’s boosts, use the "Deactivate all modifers" edict before uninstalling. Not doing so could result in some bugs in your modifers overview.