Learn to Love the Bomb 2.0

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Author: 282xvl
Last revision: 9 Mar at 23:51 UTC


Learn to Love the Bomb – Now for Stellaris 2.0+

This mod is a complete ultra lethality bombardment rebalance. Effects are as follows:

– Diplomatic Maluses for killing pops with bombardment have been significantly nerfed, and maluses that are created decay much faster. Note it is still very possible to buidl up enough malus to lose friends and alienate aliens but the effect will be broken treaties and etc in the moment followed by rapid forgiveness within a short span of time.

– ALL Bombardment is now more deadly and this escalates massively per level.

– SELECTIVE now has a higher chance to kill pops and can kill down to a smaller minimum number, but has reduced chance of creating blockers. It has a very high 3:1 army:planet damage ratio. CANNOT wipe a planet.

– INDISCRIMINATE now has a dangerously higher chance to kill pops and create blockers. Pops WILL be killed and blockers WILL be created. Twice as deadly as Selective to armies but FOUR times as deadly to planet. 3:2 ratio of army:planet damage. CAN wipe a planet.

– ARMAGEDDON now makes you the destroyer of worlds that you always wanted to be. Its basically the exterminatus or base delta zero. Pops drop like flies and blockers will fall like raindrops. You have been warned. 10x planet damage and 3.3x the army damage of Selective, 1:1 ratio. Guarenteed pop killing. Guarenteed blocker placing. And you can Tomb the place upon completion. Obviously, CAN and WILL wipe planets.

– RAIDING now has MUCH greater chance to kill pops. Otherwise largely unchanged.

– BOMBARDMENT OPINION MODIFIERS have been massively NERFED. You will still not be well liked for glassing worlds but now at least its recoverable. Malus decay will occur at a rate of 1 per MONTH instead of year. 1 point for killing 1 pop if all other things are equal. Pacifists of all stripes will be significantly less pleased with you. Enough bombing at once can malus you to a point of suffering upfront diplomatic consequences but within a few years of peace your genocidal ways will be forgiven and forgotten.


– *NEW* Habitats bombed to oblivion will now be utterly destroyed and removed from the game. Bomb them to space dust!

That is all. Drop the Bomb!