Stellar Ignition

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Author: csrr
Last revision: 6 Aug at 21:25 UTC


So you’ve expanded out into the galaxy. You’re creating a great empire. However, there just aren’t enough habitable worlds to go around, and you don’t really want to go building a lot of habitats.

Fortunately, csrr (and the Blue Sun Corporation) bring you the poor man’s habitat option- turning a gas giant into a star!

Once you obtain the Stellar Ignition ascension perk (which requires the Star Fortress and Terrestrial Sculpting technologies), you can then build the Stellar Igniter Staging Area around any gas giant world you choose (although they are limited to one per system). It takes about 5000 minerals and 250 influence.

Then, when you have minerals saved up (5000), order the staging area to build a Stellar Igniter. The powerful gravitational fields generated by this structure will compress the gas giant into a small star, converting some of its moons into hostile- but potently habitable- Pre-Teraformed Worlds. Finishing their transforming is a matter of a little under a year, and a thousand energy.

However, this rushed teraforming can be risky, and results may vary- such as a 30% chance of a world becoming a different, but similar, climate.

Manufacturer’s recommendation- choose a world with several large moons. Also, this mod pairs very well with the World Shaper ascension perk.

Also, I would like to thank Stellaris forum users Mitchz95 and Courageous, as their wonderful advice on coding made this mod possible.

Known bug-
The graphics for the Stellar Ignition ascension perk are not being properly displayed. Any advice on fixing this would be appreciated.

Future plans- I’d like to add some more events, specific to this mod.