Attack & Defense Overhaul

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Author: SmokeMage
Last revision: 20 Aug at 15:17 2018 UTC


Attack & Defense Overhaul


After Stellaris 2.0, time scale between game mechanisms in this game became quite disconnect. You may bothered by the fact space battles in late game only last for a few days, while travel time of fleets can take you hundreds of days. On the other hand, your empire may usually struck in an endless peace time, leave you few thing to do, while limited number of wars often end fast without any memorable war. This mod is trying to solve such problems, make game systems connect again. In order to make this happen, many vanilla files have been overwritten, thus cause several compatibility issues. But I believe the results worth all these inconveniences.

I was about to make compatibility patchs for other famous mods, but without your feedbacks, I don’t know where to begin, currently nothing on my list.

Primary Coverage

  • Evasion and armor (shield) become more effective
  • Hull points of military ships can be increased to tier 6 stats as well, make them more resistant to penetration weapons
  • Late game weapon techs debuffed. Combined with changes mentioned above, it can make space battles of same military power last for about 75 days at any stage of the game
  • FTL drives offer better travel time bonuses than thrusters, while thrusters offer considerable buffs during battles

Defensive Structures
  • Vanilla defensive structures have longer range, shoot faster, and have huge hull points bonus
  • Build defense stations and fortresses on orbit of celestial bodies with appropriate techs in order to delay enemy fleets, they are quite durable
  • Starbases(including outposts) have a natural aura, offer movement bonuses to friendly fleets, and movement penalties to hostile fleets with tremendous upkeep penalty
  • Usage of starbase buildings and modules increased a bit

Space Levies
  • Rise militia ships when you at war using planet edict, they will automatically disband when war ended
  • This modified civilian ships are weaker, slower, duller than standard military ships, and shoot slower outside home territory —— but they are much cheaper and only need energy to maintain (Doing so will also cause negative effects to the planet)
  • Ship size of local fleets are one class smaller than standard ones, their fleet composition are due to ship techs, and the mathematical expectation of total number is about (pops on the planet + years passed/5)
  • Gather raiding fleet at peace time when you can use raiding stance

Experimental "Pressure" System
  • A parameter to determine state of a country. It will get negative effects when pressure go too high or too low
  • Usually decrease when at peace or construct unity buildings, while increase when at war or through technological advances
  • Different ethics bring different bonuses to this system
  • Safe range is -500 to +500 without any ethic bonus, debuff stacks each time when this value exceed another 150, up to 10 times


Files overwritten: large part of files in component_templates folder, "imperial cult" and "cutthroat politics" civic (because -20% edict cost is too powerful for default countries, this effect stacks), files in folder section_templates corresponding to 5 vanilla kinds of military ships, 00_starbase_buildings.txt, 00_starbase_modules.txt, 00_starbase_types.txt,00_eng_tech.txt, 00_phys_tech_repeatable.txt, 00_soc_tech_repeatable.txt, 00_eng_tech_repeatable.txt

Compatible Mods:

And other mods not related to balance changes.

Mod with minor compatibility issues:

GAI use events to construct buildings, while this mod changes prices of space stations a little, this may break bridges between trigger conditions and effects. And GAI changed AI weights of starbase buildings (modules), this will overwrite 00_starbase_buildings.txt and 00_starbase_modules.txt as well. Hopefully these can be solved by some minor tweaks.

Incompatible Mods:

And other mods obviously related to balance changes. These will all need compatibility patches.
SCX patch here: Attack & Defense Overhaul – SCX patch

I will appreciate for all comments, suggestions and feedbacks you can make, don’t hesitate to speak anything about this mod on your mind, these will help improving this mod.