Military Station Return

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Author: AndydeTsai
Last revision: 9 Dec at 07:36 2018 UTC


Military Station Return add back Defense Station and Fortress that no longer available after 2.0

Added Stuff

Tech :
– Deep Space Stations : available after research Starhold, unlock Defense Station
– Deep Space installations : available after research Star Fortress, unlock Fortress

Buildings :
– Defense Station : roughly 1k fleet power, 4 sections, same template choices as Defense Platform
– Fortress : around 4k fleet power, 8 sections (4*2), have more heavily armed templates but less choices available


– This mod does not modify any vanilla files even thought some parts of this mod can still be found in vanilla code
– Both Defense Station and Fortress have auto-generated design, however due to some weird game bug(maybe), they won’t have any class-name attached and random class-name generation doesn’t work on them