Animated Revan’s Sith Empire Portraits

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Author: force728
Last revision: 16 Mar at 01:02 UTC


This mod is a continuation of my Jedi Civil War Portraits which adds animated portraits of Revan’s Sith Empire.

-Animated Portraits
-Prescripted Empire

New Update – 2/24/19
– The Star Forge Megastructure: The Star Forge is the Rakatan shipyard that Revan and Malak used during the Jedi Civil War in Kotor game. In this mod, the Star Forge is both a orbital habitat and a megastructure. You can find it in the solar system start: Lehon System (Star Forge). In order to activate it, you’ll have to do the following:

1. You must pick the civic: "Star Forge"
2. You must pick the starting system: "Lehon System (Star Forge)". You cannot build the Star Forge anywhere else but this system or it won’t work properly and you cannot build more than one.
3. Once you have the necessary alloys and influence to activate it, you’ll need the starbase module: "Infinite Engine" to finally make use of the structure (it will be available to you once the Forge is completed). The Star Forge, once activated, is extremely overpowered just like in the lore. I also created a system initializer and civic without the forge for some who don’t want it in their game.

It is highly recommended to use the Sith Empire shipset mod here:

For the Old Republic portrait set, click the link below:

The Star Forge model is from Warb_Null for the game Empire at War: Forces of Corruption.
Warb’s Moddb page:

Model : Warb Null
Skin : Warb Null
Sun textures : Lord X
XML : Warb Null
Icon : Warb Null
Particle effect : McKay

Credit also goes to DrBLOOD’s Mega Shipyard mod for allowing me to use some of the mod’s code.

His mod can be found here:

Feedback is appreciated. If you have any suggestions about this update, let me know.