ApocEX: Expanded Apocalypse Beta

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Authors: Eternal Doomsday, Chirumiru ShiRoz
Last revision: 8 Sep at 07:11 UTC


Beta Version of ApocEX

Diversed Apocalypse Planet Killers, and Ion cannons and more!

ApocEX name Origin:
Apocalypse EXpanded

Next Version of Colossus Expanded

Here are features

Colossus Policies

Even synthetics has regulation, why colossus not?

PK Type Regulations
-Planet Killer types
-Kill Pop types
Allowed Empire Targets
-Generic(All empires except primitives)
Diplomacy? Ruined, every empire who opens border can be targetted
Mostly commonly used policy, hostile empire only
Ban use for generic empire
Most commonly used, all primitives can be targetted
Angry Primitive Only
Let`s give mercy for primitives
-Primitive Border
You can also target primitive in other`s border or ownerless space, you can also target primitive in your border
–Ownerless and ours
Primitive in your border or ownerless space only
Primitive in your borderonly
Only who wants suicide with TD, RD, CS weapon only, can target yourself
Mostly commonly used, do I have to say more?

Colossus Weapon Type

Classification of Colossus Weapon

Total Destruction
Also called as TD Type, Kill ALL POP and change planet class, not repairable

Repairable Destruction
Also called as RD Type, Kill ALL POP and change planet class, repairable

Colony Sweep
Also called as CS Type, Kill POPs(Don’t have to kill all POP), but not assimilate or change Planet Class

Also called as AS Type, assimilate specific POPs and mostly take control of Planet

Mind Control
Also called as MC Type, changes mind of pops(Like ethic change, rebel, etc)

Also called as SB Type, interfere resource production or gives various bad modifier

Star Killer(Not yet implemented)
Also called as SK Type, causes system wide destruction

???(Not yet implemented)
Weapons with this type`s effect is random, can not be determined, all type policies must on to use this weapon(Except SK Type)

Colossus Pop Kill Type

Kill Hive
Kill Hive-Mind Pop

Kill Machine
Kill Machine

Kill Mechanical
Kill mechanical pop

Kill generic
Kill biological, non-hiveminded pop

Reworked Vanilla PK

Some changes for Vanilla PK

Planet Cracker
Removed opinion modifier from empty planet and always gives minerals when cracked planet
You mustn’t be pacifist to fire

Global Pacifier
Changed shielded world mechanic, which causes current massive incompatiblity

Neutron Sweep
Now you mustn’t be pacifist or spiritualist to fire

Divine Enforcement
Now you must be spiritualist to fire

Nanobot Diffuse
Now you must be real driven assimilator to fire

New Planet killer Weapons

As always, new weapons here

Calm Sunshine
Militarist Ray
God Vanisher
Xenophile Ray
Xenophobe Ray
Liberty Ray
Authoritarian Ray
Ethic Confuser
World Blazer
Psionic Sweep
Organic Synthesizer
Organic Intergrator
Genetic Paster
Mass Abduction
Hive Intergrator
Hive Destroyer
Singularity Imploder
Core Fuser
EMP Wave

Apocalypse Voidcraft Expansion

Just more sections for Apocalypse voidcrafts
-Carrier Bow
-Doomsday Bow
-Titan Shield
Ion Cannon
-Enhanced Ion Cannon
-XL Cannon
-Striker Cannon
-Hybrid Cannon
-Doomsday Cannon
-Carrier Colossus
-Hardened Colossus

New Titanic W slot shp to ship weapons

Just more diversity

-N/A Currently(Not an weapon name, no T-slot weapon currently)
-Doomsday Beam

ApocEX Menu
For someone who hates some features

Not working right now

Known Incompatible Mods

Not all mods are compatible
Gods and guardians:Messes up with observation post(And this mod’s shielded world)
CGM Planet Enhanced:Temporary Blocked targetting(Due to pacifier related issue)
Gigastructural Engineering and More:Updated, partially incompatible
Loyal Subjects Have Nothing to Fear (From the Colossus):Overrides Same File, and this mod will make that mod obsolete


Still in early beta lots of things to do

In Progress

Version Beta 3.0.0a Plans(ApocEX Update 0 RC)
Icons for new planet killers
CGM Planet Enhanced Support
Assimilated World
Utopia Expanded Support
Expanded Colossus Policies
Diplomacy triggered by having colossus
Several Diplomatic Effects(Now my planet killers have own diplomatic modifiers, and loyal/neutral subject effect, and ally effect)
New Components
New Aura
-Hyperdrive Glitcher
New AUX Component
-Extra Colossus Reactor
Buff-nerf some planet killers


More Titan Sections by Tech
More Reasonable AI Weight for Planet Killers
Colossus Project Rework
New planet killers
-Quantum Randomizer
-Devolving Virus
-Void Blaster
-Servitor Deploy System
-Planet Witherer
-Gaia Sacrificer
-Unified Mind Control Laser
-Nanite Storm
-Singularity Creator
-Nova Blaster
New Civics
-Prototype Colossus
-No Planet Killer
Korean Support
Better localisation


Less complicated codes
Removal of ApocEX Menu

Version Beta 4.x Plans (ApocEX Update 1 RC)
New planet killers
-Grid Fuser
-Cyborgizing Nanobots
-Soul Bestower
-Atomosphere Corruptor
-Mind Washer
-Radiation Blaster
New AP
-Advanced Planet Killer Ship
Adding some Titanic/W Slot Ship to Ship Weapons

Version Beta 5.x Plans
New Planet killers
-Planetery Shirinker
-Biosphere Sweep
-Gravity Pounder
-Aggresiveness Booster
-Drake Summoner
-Xenomorph Summoner
-World Uploader
New titanic/world destroyer weapons from FE

Version Beta 6.x Plans
New Planet Killers
-Party Starter
-Nerve Cutter
-Shroud Eater
-Terminator of Cycle
-Composer of Hell
-Whisper of Nothing
-Eater of everything
-Instruments of Shroud
-Hyper Reconfigurator
New unity ambitions

Version Beta 7.x Plans(ApocEXUpdate 2 RC)
Polishing Shielded Worlds
New Auras
Mod menu support(Maybe)
New ship classes(Which is cappble to equip PLANET KILLERS)
Planet Killer Engineer Enclaves(Don’t mess up with them, I warned you)
Supercapital Ship Designer Enclaves(I hope you don’t mess up with them, they might be robots)
New Planet Killers
-Resource Overharvester
-Horror Breacher
-SIngularity Creator
-Dimension Distorter

Beta Version 8.x
Not yet planed

Known issue

There is no perfect mod
Version Beta 2.2a known issues
Still needs better localisation(I really need help, I’m not native English user)
Opinion modifier not completed(Please wait until Beta 3.0)
Not yet balanced well
AI Weight is bit terrible, might cause some AI personality cant use superweapons
Some scritped trigger has bug

Thanks For

Chriumiru Shiroz(Im not sure whether I made typo):Created Colossus Icons

Annatar and Elowiny:Some megastructure related code is modified version of their work(Because of megastructure placing bug)