Experimental Espionage Mod

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Author: Kiyosan
Last revision: 8 Aug at 14:49 UTC


This is a rudimentary proof-of-concept espionage system where you can get information, reap benefits, and sabotage another empire via espionage events. Basically, your choices and your enemies’ choices determine the results of the events. This mod is compatible with everything since it changes no vanilla files.

DISCLAIMER: Localization is WIP and I’m not that great at balancing this game. Suggestions are appreciated.

How it works:

1. Place a spy in a regular empire that you do not have a DP/Federation/Guaranteeing Independence relationship with.
2. Try to get intrigue levels on that empire from spy-related events.

You start with 1 Spy.
-If your capital has the Planetary Capital building, get one more spy.
-If your capital has the Empire Capital-Complex building, get two more spies.
-If you were a primitive that became a regular empire, get one more spy.

There is a menu you can access with the planetary edicts tab on your capital.
-You can choose to spy on a random empire that you’re able to spy on.
-You can check information on your espionage targets.
-If you don’t want to do either, the random empire listed as a potential espionage choice will no longer be chosen as a potential target for 1 year.

Espionage events are events that can randomly occur during the game. Some of these events can occur even without someone spying on you, although at a lower chance. But if you get a special project related to this mod or you fail a passive espionage event, then you KNOW someone is spying on you.

Passive Espionage Events

Any empire that has any of these event trigger to start on them will trigger an event for a random empire spying on them, if there are any.
-The spy’s owner will get to choose between two choices that can potentially stop their target, although they won’t know who their target is.
-The spy’s target will choose between two choices. This choice can be influenced by looking at any pop with certain espionage modifiers on planets owned by an empire that is suspected to be spying on them.
-Depending on what the empire being spied on and all empires who had a spy on them, two things can happen:

  • The empire being spied on gets rewarded. Any empires that fail to sabotage them do not get any notification of failure.
  • The empires spying on the one empire either steals the reward or sabotages the empire being spied on. They will also gain 1 intrigue on that empire and will know that their intervention succeeded.

-There is a spy check event where empires being spied on can decrease intrigue levels of empires, which works similarly as other espionage events.

Active Sabotaging Events

-There are 4 sabotaging events. For now, they have no prerequisite aside from needing a spy in an empire.
-The cost for doing so is 200 influence and 2500 energy. And no, you can’t undo your misclicks. :/
-You cannot view your espionage targets while you are sabotaging someone and vice-versa so look at your targets beforehand.
-Unlike passive espionage events:

  • Sabotaged empires will always get a penalty as not having one will make it a waste of resources.
  • Sabotaging does not leave a way for an empire to know what sabotage choice you made but you will not know if you succeeded.

-A timed special project of your choosing will be given to an empire of your choice.

  • They will gain a negative modifier for a time based on the special project chosen.
  • Should they fail to get there in time, they will get a bad result.
  • If they finish them in time, they still have to pick between 2 choices. 1 choice prevents the bad result from firing.

Intrigue levels allow spies to get information (a result of "-1" is negative income and a big number with a 1 at the end means the value is above that number) and interfere in certain events listed below:
(Note that you cannot go below 0 intrigue and above 5 intrigue)

Intrigue Levels:

Level 0
-Nothing. Get intrigue by successfully interfering with an empire’s espionage event or use certain active sabotage events.
Level 1
-PASSIVE: Know if empire is starving
-PASSIVE: Know if empire is over navy cap
Level 2
-Research Information: Know relative research productions and number of ascension perks of empire
-PASSIVE: Every 5 years, (intrigue level) random pops NOT in capital gain -20% governing ethics attraction and +25% ethics shift chance for 5 years.
-PASSIVE: Every 5 years, (intrigue level) random pops NOT in capital gain -15% pop resource output for 5 years.
Level 3
-[UPGRADE] Rewards of Scandal/Drone Interference events doubled if you succeed.
-[UPGRADE] Rewards of Upstart Company/Conserving Resources events doubled if you succeed.
-[UPGRADE] Number of affected pops for Level 2 passives doubled
-PASSIVE: Know whether empire has a mineral/energy deficit
-Energy Information: Know relative energy production of empire
Level 4
-Fleet Information: Know relative fleet power of empire
Level 5
-Mineral Information: Know relative mineral production of empire
-[UPGRADE] Every 5 years, every empire planet a 20% chance to give +50% unrest for non-gestalt empires and -15% pop resource output for gestalt empires for 5 years

-I did not optimize the mod for AI as of yet. They just have a 50% chance of picking between the espionage event choices and will only sabotage after 50 years have passed. So I recommend testing this mod in a multiplayer setting.

Known Bugs (there are bound to be some stuff that I missed)
-None that I know of that isn’t my fault…

-Add more espionage events since there’s only 12 pop-up events (I am open to suggestions)
-Tweak rewards based on feedback
-Make localization changes so that it doesn’t look weird and later have the mod localized in different languages.

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I also recommend using the No More Relative Power mod along with this mod for having less information about your enemies without spying.