Experimental Espionage Mod

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Author: Kiyosan
Last revision: 5 Mar at 03:51 UTC


This is a proof-of-concept espionage system where you can get information, reap benefits, and sabotage another empire via espionage events. The main theme is that your choices and your enemies’ choices determine the results of the events, so CHOICE MATTERS!

Suggestions and bug reports are appreciated since stuff like localization and balance is always up to debate!

How it works

1. After the Galactic Market is founded, you can place a spy in a regular empire by clicking "Spy on this Empire" in the diplomacy window. You cannot use this system if you are able to use a vanilla Total War CB (FP, DS, DE, DA, or have a Colossus).
*2. You must then send a valid ship/fleet* with a valid leader assigned to it to orbit the primary star of any system 3 or less systems away from any espionage target’s borders. The AI do not need to do this, however, because AI.
3. Follow the event/special project prompts and pick a suitable mission.

* = at least 20 transport ships with a general OR a science ship with a level 4 or higher scientist

You start with 1 Spy.
-If any regular empire you have communications with has the Major Capital building, get one more spy.
-If any regular empire you have communications with has the System Capital building, get one more spy.
-Primitive that became a regular empire get one more spy.
-You will have a max of 3 spies if you play normally.
-If something goes wrong with spy calculations, just access the espionage view menu.

There is a espionage view menu edict you can access with the edicts tab to check how many unused spies you have, see information on your espionage targets, or stop spying on them.

More General Info on Espionage
Info on Intrigue Levels

Known Bugs

There are bound to be some stuff that I missed so please report anything you find. I will not fix bugs if I don’t know about them.

List of Known Bugs:
-None that I know of…


This mod is for v2.2.*.

This mod should be compatible with everything since no important vanilla files are changed but there may be a conflict if another mod changes the following:
-"common/diplomatic_actions/00_actions.txt" or anything that changes the insult diplomatic action (the "Spy on this Empire" button replaces the insult button)
-Anything that changes the insult opinion modifier (creates an exploit by knowing who is spying on who)
-"common/message_types.txt" (only screws with notifications if overridden so not a huge deal but might cause graphical problems with my specific cooldown notifications)

Other Stuff

-Have more creative ways to trigger espionage events
-Tweak rewards and fix potential bugs based on feedback
-Add more espionage events (I am open to suggestions)
-Have the mod localized in different languages (Looking for people who can do localization in general)

I also recommend using the No More Relative Power mod along with this mod for having less information about your enemies without spying.