Infinity Stones

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Author: Thunder
Last revision: 17 Aug at 21:09 2018 UTC



Stellaris Version 2.1.x
DLC: None


This mod adds the 6 infinity stones from the Marvel Cinematic Universe as 6 galaxy unique strategic resources.
Individual stones will give moderate economic or military bonuses to your or the AI’s empire as long as you are in control of the stone(s).
However, controlling multiple stones will greatly empower the effect.

Getting Started:

Survey systems as you would normally.
If a surveyed planet has an infinity stone you will recieve a notification and will be able to research the appropriate tech, which is required before you can build a research station.

Once the research station is built, the bonuses will be applied to your empire at the start of the next year. (This is due to the lack of trigger to check for changes in strategic resources)
If you lose control over a reserach station the modifiers will disappear at the start of the next year as well.
You can see the active bonuses in the modifiers section under the government tab in the government menu.

How Stones Work:

Every infinity stone on their own give 3 (except Space Stone) empire wide bonuses focusing on one general area (level I modifier). Each stone can be combined with 2 other which will upgrade their effect to level II (1 other stone) or level III (2 other stones).

Modfier Level
No. Bonuses
Level I
3 base effects
Level II
3 upgraded base effects + 1 of 2 extra effect
Level III
3 maxed base effects + 2 extra maxed effects

Possible Stone Combinations:
There are tooltips showing this information in game.

Soul + Mind + Reality Mind + Soul + Power Reality + Soul + Time Power + Mind + Space Time + Reality + Space Space + Time + Power


* means: % Calculated at the start of the game. Other spawn rates depending on this outcome.

Infinity Stone
Possible Spawn
Soul Stone
  • *13.5%: Holy Guardian FE
  • Barren Planet
  • Toxic Planet
Mind Stone
  • *13.5%: Holy Guardian FE
  • Barren Planet
  • Cold Barren Planet
Reality Stone
  • *30%: Keepers of Knowledge FE
  • 70%: Any uncolonisable planet inside nebula
  • 30%:Any uncolonisalbe planet outside nebula
Power Stone
  • *30%: Militant Isolationists FE
  • Planet in a Pulsar system
  • Planet in a Neutron Star system
Time Stone
  • *30%: Enigmatic Observers FE
  • Black Hole / Planet in black hole system
Space Stone
  • **Synthetic Dawn required: 30% Ancient Caretakers FE
  • Any uncolonisable planet

Infinity Stone Experiments:

Unlocked once a new year starts after you obtained an infinity stone and can be accessed in the contacts menu.
For now it only enables stones to be transfered to your capital system or to any inhabited system where transfer stone planetary edicts have been issued.

  • 25 Emprie modifiers (depending on stone combinations).
  • "Snap" edict – Unlocked once all 6 stones have been obtained: Every pop, scientist, general & admiral in the galaxy have a 50% chance to be killed. Stones are scattered accross the galaxy if used.
  • "Seize Stone" casus belli: Available if an empire controls an infinity stone.
  • "Seize Stone" war goal: Take control over all systems with infinity stone(s). The required tech to "mine" the stones is researched instantly.
  • "Share Power" edict: Gives all of your bonuses from infinity stones to vassals & federation members for 10 years (fixed duration!).
  • Opinion modifiers based on ethics & what stones you have.
  • Stone Transfers – accessed through the "Infinity Stone Experiments" contact: Allows stones to be transferred to either your capital system or to any inhabited system where a colony has the "Transfer X Stone" planetary edict. Transfer costs (5 tiers) scale with hyperlane jumps to the target system (every 15).


No vanilla files are overwritten.

  • As there is no trigger for changes in strategic resources (The closest trigger is on_building_research_station however, code is executed before the station is finished (i.e. you dont start to mine the resource) meaning the modifiers would only apply after another research station has been built) all modifiers are applied/removed at the start of the year.
  • Stone effects are not listed under the strategic resources tab as the game doesn’t allow for dynamic modifiers with strategic resources.

Camo-Flauge @ for the images of the infinity stones.
Obsidian Dawn @ for lightning brushes.