Crisis Manager – Temp. Edition for Khan

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Author: NaK1119
Last revision: 17 Aug at 08:01 2018 UTC



This is sub mod is expanding patch of Crisis Manager – End-Game Edition for modifying Horde crisis (Great Khan).
The configurations of this patch is listed in "Advanced Configurations" in the menu of Crisis Manager.
This is temporary mod until Mid-Game Edition, that modify every mid-game crises (Great Khan and Gray Tempest), is released.

Version Info., etc.

Ver. 1.3c (this mod)
For Stellaris 2.1.2
Required DLCs: Apocalypse
Required mod: !Mod Menu
Recommended mod: Crisis Manager – End-Game Edition

Change logs are written in the page of End-Game Edition

Install/Uninstall for Saved Game

This mod can be installed/uninstalled for only save data that Horde crisis has NOT happened or been triggered.

Compatibility Information

This mod is NOT compatible with any other mods modifying something about Horde crisis.

Advanced Information

  • This mod replace following events.
    • events
      • marauder_events.txt (Only followings)
        • marauder.x (x = 500 ~ 700)

Other Information
  • 製作者の母語は日本語です。